She rented a room in a hostel, and a few days later she strangled her 10-year-old son. The court did not agree to a life sentence

The Lublin Court of Appeal decided that Monika S., who previously confessed to killing her 10-year-old son, would serve 25 years in prison. The ruling of the Court of First Instance was thus upheld and the decision is now final. The prosecution demanded life imprisonment, and the defense lawyer demanded that the sentence be reduced to 15 years in prison. The crime took place in a hostel in the city center.

The Lublin Court of Appeal upheld the 25-year sentence for Monica S. The 41-year-old, who strangled her 10-year-old son. The verdict is final.

The crime took place in November 2019 in a hostel in Mujahideen. Orla is in the center of Lublin, which is where Monika S. came with her son. A few days later, she strangled the boy with a towel and, according to the prosecutor’s office, tied it around the child’s neck and immobilized his chest with her body. This caused numerous injuries to the boy, including severe bleeding, hemorrhage and emphysema, which led to death as a result of suffocation.

Monica S. admitted to the prosecution that she killed her son Lublin Police

Experts said she was sane

Monica S. admitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office the alleged act. She gave explanations describing the course of events that led her to commit the murder. The prosecution did not disclose her testimony.

During the investigation, the woman was examined by professional psychiatrists and a psychologist, who concluded that she had not abolished or diminished her sanity at the time of the crime. Experts stated that Monica S. may participate in the proceedings before the court.

The trial took place before the District Court in Lublin, in camera. In June 2021, Monica S. 39-year-old illegally sentenced to 25 years in prison. Both parties appealed the verdict. The prosecutor demanded life imprisonment for the accused, while the defense attorney demanded extraordinary gentleness.

Court: Life imprisonment would be ‘very serious’

Justifying Thursday’s ruling, Lublin Court of Appeals judge Leszek Petrasko said the defendant’s guilt was beyond doubt and that it had been properly proven.

– The Court of Appeal did not find any basis for considering the allegations raised in the appeals of both the Public Prosecutor and the Defense Counsel. The judge, who fully agreed with the district court’s decision regarding the accused’s commission, the form of her offense, and the amount and type of punishment, upheld the verdict on appeal, said the judge.

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As he states, the prosecutor requested that the defendant be given a motive worthy of a special conviction, sentence him to life in prison, or extend the period after which he could apply for early parole. He explained that the accused would be able to apply for it after at least 15 years and that any early parole would be decided by the Prisons Court.

Judge Petrasco argued that there were no grounds for attributing a provocative act to the defendant deserving a special condemnation, and that a life sentence would be “extremely severe”.

However, a 15-year prison sentence would be “extremely lenient,” according to the court.

Speaking of mitigating circumstances, he mentioned: the accused’s confession of the crime, the provision of detailed explanations, the expression of remorse and remorse, and a nervous illness.

The judge said he “does not deny the extreme gravity of the accused’s guilt”.

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– I do not deny the fact that the act she committed is an act of extreme social harm, but there are no features in her actions that could be called a motive worthy of special condemnation, – he said.

Referring to the defense lawyer’s appeal, the judge indicated that he had asked for exceptional clemency, which in this case would mean a sentence of up to less than 3 years in prison. However, according to the court, in such a situation, a prison sentence of up to 15 years would be “extremely light”.

The prosecution will consider an appeal

– The judge said that the arguments presented by the defense counsel in the appeal are not convincing at all, adding that the defense’s arguments focused on the defendant’s nervous illness, which – according to the court – “did not have a significant impact on her mental well-being.”

Asked for comment by the media, the prosecutor at the Lublin Public Prosecutor’s Office, Pawe Banach, said he would read the written justification.

– Given the importance of the case, I think that after getting acquainted with the written motives that directed the Court of Appeal, we will consider whether there are grounds for filing an exceptional appeal to the Supreme Court, – he said.

Monica S.’s defence, Attorney Thomas Nowak, has stated that his role is over. – Whether a defender will be appointed to file a cassation appeal, whether there will be such a request at all and who the defender will be – the court will decide – is reserved.

Monica S. was not brought to judgment. The verdict is final.

He was also convicted of fraud

In November 2022, Monica S. to another sentence Six years in prison, incl. For fraud against the Muslim Brotherhood Str. Brother Albert in Lublin, of which the accused was president.

The Lublin Zakod District Court sentenced her to six years in prison and a fine of PLN 4.5 thousand for misappropriation of property, false statements, forgery of documents, fraud and extortion of loans. The accused was also required to repair the damages caused to the Muslim Brotherhood. Alberta returned 183.7 thousand Polish zlotys.

The court also assessed that the former president of St. Alberta forged work and income certificates for defendants Adam K, Stanislaw Ch. and Bożena S. (also convicted), then handed over documents that they used to obtain loans from banks.

Mercy brothers. street. Prata Alberta is a well-known charitable organization in Lublin. He performs, among other things, a dinner downtown, where free meals are distributed to those in need, and a night’s shelter.

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