Scientists’ revolutionary discovery about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They found a common denominator linking the unexplained deaths of children

Sudden infant death syndrome is relatively rare, but it accounts for the highest number of deaths among infants aged 1 month to 1 year. Scientists have discovered a biological abnormality that makes some children more susceptible to SIDS. The problem turned out to be in the brainstem.


Sudden infant death syndrome, in fact Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a phenomenon in which an apparently healthy and developing baby dies unexpectedly before he is one year old. The death of a child occurs during sleep and remains unexplained even after careful examination. The phenomenon may have a biological basis.

While this is not a common occurrence, it remains so today It is the leading cause of neonatal death in the United StatesIt occurs in 103 per 100,000 live births per year. Despite the initial success of national campaigns to promote a safe sleep environment and correct positioning of the baby in the crib, official SIDS rates have remained unchanged for more than 30 years.

Now looking out for Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Tissue samples were collected from children who died as a result of SIDS between 2004 and 2011 from the medical examiner’s office. What interested them most was the brain stem. together 70 samples tested Collected from different infants.

They quickly discovered that all of the children who died in this way had a markedly altered appearance Serotonin 2A/C receptor level. (compared to the control group, that is, children who died from other causes). Meanwhile, previous studies in rodents have shown that 2A/C receptor signaling is important for maintaining stable oxygen levels in the brain during sleep.

Therefore, the new discovery of the Americans supports the idea that some biological abnormalities that occur in some children make them vulnerable to death under certain conditions.

The authors of the post believe that sudden infant death syndrome occurs when it occurs Up to three events at once:

  • child In a key period of development pulmonary heart in the first year of life,
  • child Dealing with external pressuresSuch as sleeping face down or sharing a bed with a caregiver
  • child He has a biological abnormalityThis makes them vulnerable to breathing problems during sleep.

“Although we have identified abnormalities in serotonin 2A/C receptors present in SIDS, the relationship between them and the cause of death remains unknown,” the Boston-based researchers concluded. They add, “Since we currently have no way to identify children with biological abnormalities in the serotonergic system, adherence to safe sleep practices remains critical.” (PAP)

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