Saska Kępa Festival, aerial picnic in Wawer, military pea soup in Braga

Celebration of CSKA Cuba, sports picnic in Śródmieście, air shows in Foer, meeting with Polish Olympians in Żoliborz, military picnic in Braga. This weekend Warsaw will have fun in different ways.

On Saturday, May 27 at 14, the Saska Kępa festival is planned. It will start with a traditional parade in front of the statue of Agnieszka Osiecka at the intersection of Francuska and Obrońców Streets. From Washington Circle to the Mujahideen. There will be an art exhibition for the winners, and the concerts will be held in two stages. They will perform, among others, Ewa Beam and Kopa Badakh. There will also be tango and dance pieces and songs by A. Osika and A. Zawcha. Also singing will be 8-year-old Amelia Anisovich, who the world met when she sang a song from “Frozen” in a war bunker.

The fifteenth edition of the Saska Kepa FestivalWarsaw City Hall

The organization of the event will include changes to traffic, parking lots and bus routes. From Friday May 26th 18th to Sunday May 28th until 12th, closed to cars and excluded from parking will be the entire Francesuska Street – from Zwycięstwa Street to Washington Circle. The recommended detour will take you along Wał Miedzeszyński or Saska.

Saska Kępa Festival – Traffic changesWarsaw City Hall

Sports in the city centre

On the other hand, in Śródmieście, a picnic associated with the upcoming Children’s Day is planned for Saturday. She will be athletic. A team of sports stadiums will be opened in the Mujahideen. Emily Blatter 29. The program of the event (11.30 – 16.30) includes animation and attractions for children, scoring goals for Legia Warszawa goalkeeper, a basketball throwing competition and a show of soap bubbles.

One day later, on Sunday, at Skwer Kahla in Powiśle (12.00-17.00) two activity areas will be set up: training (self-defense, first aid, shooting) and competition (bag race, target throwing, obstacle course, healthy food and juice stand.

Wawer Air Picnic

On Saturday, May 27, fans of acrobatic performances will experience exciting experiences. in. 16 At Romantyczna Beach in Wawer you will start your flight. The program of air events includes aerobatics of historical aircraft and passenger aircraft performed by the best Polish individual pilots and exceptional aerobatic teams. And on the 21st – first night shows in Warsaw with fireworks. In addition: exercises on flight simulators on airplanes and helicopters, a flight control tower simulator, booths and workshops for children.

Wawer Air PicnicWarsaw City Hall

The organizers recommend that you travel by public transport or bicycles. Especially for this event they have organized temporary stands with Veturilo city bike. A free shuttle bus (from 3.30pm) will run in front of the Wawer County Office to the venue of the event.

Children’s Day in Italy

In the garden of the Włochy House of Culture on ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 27 will take place on Sunday, May 28, the event entitled “Children’s Day as if from a fairy tale”. The program of the event (12.30 – 14.30) includes: “Fairy Tale Layers” performed by ART Theater and Theater, artistic and creative workshops using magic boxes, as well as art shows, animated cartoons and fun inspired by “Children’s Rights” by Janusz Korczak.

Children’s Day in ItalyWarsaw City Hall

In the same area and on the same day, a sports and entertainment picnic on the occasion of the Children’s and Mother’s Day (Marek Kotaynski Park; 11 am – 3 pm) and “Children’s SUP Day” are also planned – water games for children with their children. Parents (OSiR Włochy swimming pool, ul. Gładka 18; 1pm-5pm).

Musical Beach in Wilanow

Residents of Wilanów can go to an event called “Mother and Child’s Day”. On May 27, on the “beach” (at the corner of Al Wilanowska and ul. Przyczółkowa) there will be a concert featuring: Oskar Cyms, Filipek and the evening surprise (starting at 6 pm). On Sunday (from 11 am to 4 pm) workshops and consultations for mothers, competitions for children, first aid demonstrations, a playground with carousels, roller coasters and bungee, as well as stands with workshops.

During the event, the Warsaw tram platform will be opened. Among the attractions: solving giga-tram puzzles, games and cartoons (clown and balloon games) as well as crossword puzzles and coloring books for the little ones. The contractor of the tramway to Wilanów, the Budimex company, invites you to do the following: face painting, affixing artificial tattoos, bubbles, cartoons and other games. There will also be a creative area for children and moms (cards and scrapbooking) and a stomach area (popcorn and drinks).

The information point will be open all the time, where you can ask about the tram investment to Wilanów.

Children’s Day in the regions

On the occasion of Children’s Day at the Bemowo Amphitheater in Górczewska Park, you can watch – on Saturday, May 27, at 10- the fairy tale “The Enchanted Princess”. The performance is interactive – there will be singing and dancing together. In the same place, but in the picnic will begin at 12 noon. “Children’s Space Day in Bimoo”. The program includes: special family competitions related to cosmology, thematic games, activities, artistic and creative workshops. Plus two activity areas: theater (circus group) and art animation (for children of all ages).

The Rembertów district is organizing a children’s day picnic, which will take place on Saturday, May 27, at 12-17 (recreational area on Strazacka Street). The outdoor event is mainly for the youngest. Activities, games and competitions are planned for children. The Bill Bombadil Show will be performed by Circus Group. Kids will be able to learn circus tricks, juggling, tightrope walking and stilt walking. Firefighting demonstrations and medical aid training await all interested.

The afternoon celebration of Children’s Day (13-18) is scheduled for Sunday, May 28, in the Cultural Center of Wesoła District (ul. Starzyńskiego 21). The organizers encourage the family to walk with puzzles around Wola Grzybowska. A map prepared by volunteers from the Kulturka Youth Voluntary Club will show you how to search. After walking, permanent trackers will get badges and small gifts.

Also on Sunday (13-18) in Jordan’s Seventh Park in Miles. Namysłowska 21, Children’s Day will be held in Braga. Modeling, circus, sports and environmental lessons are prepared for young children. Dance and trick shows are also planned (including Łukasz Chwieduk, known from the TV show “Mam Talent” and tiktok, European champion in football tricks) and a concert by Merry Mazurkas from Prague. There will also be slides and a fire engine, which kids will be able to see inside.

Olympic picnic in Żoliborz

On May 27, the 24th Olympic Picnic will take place in Warsaw’s Kupa Potocka Park. The organizers have prepared more than 50 sports areas, including more than 100 different sports competitions and attractions, as well as meetings with a hundred Polish Olympic medalists.

In addition, the program includes sports attractions on a mobile climbing wall and do-it-yourself basketball workshops. The event starts at 12 and the fun will continue until the 18.

Military picnic with pea soup

Sunday at 9.30-16 in the magazine. Floriańska, a military picnic will take place. Varsovians will have at their disposal promotional and educational stands, a children’s fitness test area, as well as a tasting point with military pea soup and a bakery.

An exhibition of military equipment will also be an attraction, for example a Leopard tank and Wolverine armored personnel carriers. in. At 10:30 the capital’s 18th Territorial Defense Brigade is scheduled to take the solemn oath.

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