Russian general about the atomic attack on the United States. Alaska is the closest.

We must pose a direct threat to US territory. Russian general and State Duma member Andrei Gorulov argued that Alaska is the closest we can target. In Vladimir Soloviev’s propaganda program, he also claimed that the United States would deliver tactical nuclear warheads to Kiev. However, he did not provide evidence for the veracity of his claims.

The topic of conversation was on the air of “Soloviev Live” Modern weapons made by western countries On Ukraine and its impact on the events of the war.

opinion Andrei Gorolov Announcement of moving to Kyiv F-16 fighters It’s the next level of escalation The pursuit of nuclear conflictHe is convinced that the United States, along with aircraft, will provide them to the Ukrainian army Also nuclear missiles.

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– They gave them weapons from the start, now They want to give them the F-16. I’m sure they will tell them too Tactical nuclear warheads. Now there are no limits. They will provide everything Destroy Russia He said without providing any evidence for his claims.

Atomic attack on Kyiv

According to Russian propaganda, the situation has reached the point where only nuclear strike May paralyze the actions of the Ukrainian forces, With the support of NATO. Gorulov stated that the Russian army You should not be afraid of carrying out a nuclear attack.

– They will shout for a while (Western countries – Ed.), And then a completely different conversation will start, because they will know that European countries may be next, and I doubt they will like it Get your hands dirty (revenge – ed.) nuclear attack He said.

impact on the United States

The attack on the Ukrainian capital is not the only idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe retired Russian general. Gurulev You think Russia should choose targets its nuclear potential in the United States.

– The main problem is that We must pose an immediate threat for the territory of the United States. Alaska is the closest We can target it. We are able Hit anywhere in AlaskaHe threatened the pro-Putin military man, after which there would be nothing left of him.


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