RTV equipment from the People’s Republic of Poland? This is what we all wanted! Here are the best devices from the communist era

In the era of the People’s Republic of Poland, the first products based on a Western license were just beginning to appear. However, there is no shortage of equipment that originally appeared with us. It was also difficult to get the best hardware from the People’s Republic of Poland. What were people lining up for? What did they care about most? look!


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There is no doubt that the music playing devices are among the best rated devices created during the Polish People’s Republic. Here, without a doubt, the producer from Warsaw, specifically Zakłady Radioowe im. Marcin Kasprzak.

What are the most popular Hi-Fi devices? One can characterize for example ZRK M 3201 SD. However, this model did not have many copies. Therefore, collections produced by Radmor and Diora were also popular.

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Speaking of sound reproduction, it is impossible not to mention the Tonsil loudspeakers, which are always associated with the period of the People’s Republic of Poland. The Altus 140s were particularly special.

During the Polish People’s Republic, the computer industry was in its infancy not only in Poland, but also all over the world. However, at the end of the previous political system, the popularity of various computers was increasing. In general, it is estimated that the computers of the USSR and the GDR were very poor. However, we can find devices that are quite innovative. This computer was the K-202. Unfortunately, in the end, these devices did not gain popularity and there were not many products of this type on the market.

Although these devices are not widely used, we cannot forget the extremely high quality of microscopes. Those produced by PZO are considered to be better than those currently supplied to us by Chinese manufacturers.

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It’s hard to say that any TV from the People’s Republic of Poland was great. In practice, they were rather poor and left much to be desired. However, there is no shortage of famous and well-known specimens. Among them, the Rubin TV set, which appeared on the market in 1975, definitely deserves attention.

Non-perishable equipment from the period of the Polish People’s Republic is so named in the case of the polar refrigerators. The ultra-capacity device has withstood many of life’s hardships for decades. This equipment is so durable that many Polar refrigerators … are still up and running in many Polish homes.

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Łucznik is a brand associated with sewing machines. Their appearance on the market and in Polish homes was a consequence of the fact that everyone then had to take care of the clothes themselves, repair them, and throwing away damaged clothes was the last resort.

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The most common washing machine is undoubtedly “Franya”, but hardly anyone will say that it was convenient to use. We remember it rather through feelings, rather than through the prism of functionality and comfort. The pole models, which worked better, were more appreciated, as were the refrigerators already mentioned.

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