Round 34 PKO Ekstraklasa: Who won’t play? [KONTUZJE, PAUZY] Only four players atone for the cards

Pko Extraklasa. Only the last round ahead. On Saturday, only four league players were suspended for too many yellow cards. Below is a list of absentees from each team. There are big gaps, for example, in Lech Poznań, which is still fighting for the bronze medal.

Saturday, May 27th at 5:30 pm

Krakow – Wisla Block
Belts without Kamil Pestka, Karol Niemczycki or Michal Siplak (left the club). In addition, Matthias Hippo Rasmussen and David Jablonski (injuries) will be absent. In the visiting team, we will not see players like Steve Kapady (pause for yellow cards), Aleksander Pavlik or Mateusz Lewandowski (injuries).

Lech Poznan – Jagiellonia Bialystok
Collegors in the fight for the bronze without Filip Simsek, Antonio Milic, Afonso Souza, Niki Kowekere (injuries), Bartosz Salamon (suspension) or Mikael Isak (after injury). The visitors could be without Zlatan Omirovic. Nene or Muse Matisek must come back.

Legia Warsaw – Slask Wroclaw
Runners-up without Matthias Johansson, Bartosz Kapostka, Jürgen Silhaka, Thomas Pickhardt, Bartosz Kapostka (injuries) or Filip Mladenovic (suspended). The visitors are in the fight for maintenance without Patrick Janasek (injury) or Cayetano Quintana (sub).

Copper Legnica – Gornik Zabrze
Landed without Olaf Kobacki, Jurich Karolina, Hubert Matinea, Chuka or Maxime Domínguez (injuries). Unknown Angelo Henriquez. Guests without Norbert Wojciech.

Gliwice Biast – Lechia Gdansk
The hosts are without Damien Kodzior or Thomas Hook (injuries). The visitors and others without Flavio Baixao (retired) or Philip Kuperski (injury).

Pogon Szczecin – Radomiak Radom
Dockers without Stanisław Fortzynovic (injury). We will not see Francisco Ramos, Leandro Rocha, Gabriel Kubilak, Felipe Nascimento or Rafael Rossi (injuries).

Raku Czestochowa – Lubin Basin
The champion is without Jean-Carlos Silva (pause for yellow cards), Adrian Gryszkiewicz, Milan Randic (injuries), and possibly also Effie Lopez. The Copper is without Luis Mata, Mateusz Bartolevsky or Jakob Schwerczuk (injuries).

Stal Mielec – Warta Poznan
Bartomeuje Sibiilla will be absent from the home side (pause for yellow cards). The Greens without Volodymyr Kostowicz or Jacob Kube.

Widzew Lodz – Koruna Kielce
Hosts without Dominique Kon (pause for yellow cards). Little is known about Jordi Sanchez and Bartłomiej Pawłowski. No information about guest problems.

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