Rosary pilgrimage

Saturday 3 June 2023 (15:00)

With the participation of about 10 thousand. People on Jasna Gora, Eleventh Pilgrimage of the Living Rosary.

With the participation of about 10 thousand. People on Jasna Gora, Eleventh Pilgrimage of the Living Rosary. Meeting Jasna Góra was a special time to pray for the Church, the Pope and the country for peace, for families and young people and to encourage “that the Rosary may become everyone’s prayer”. The pilgrimage was held under the motto: “The Rosary of Strength for the Sick and Suffering.” This is also the motto of the sixth year of the Great Nine Rosary, a spiritual preparation for the bicentenary of the foundation of the Rosary.

– The church community on Polish soil picks up the rosary every day as a special union with the mother, to tell her about their joys, their fears and mysteries, – said the father. Archbishop Waklaw Debo, KEP Delegate for the Living Rosary Society, in a speech greeting those gathered on pilgrimage. He stated that the rosary is the power of the soul. He made people sensitive to the need to pray for marriages and families, which is where the struggle is for fidelity to God’s grace, to Christ.

Holy Mass headed by Fr. B.B. Jan Jalabiak, Director of the Living Rosary for the Diocese of Poznań. In his sermon, he encouraged people not to stop praying the rosary. Following Benedict XVI, he noted that “the rosary is a spiritual weapon in the fight against evil and against all forms of violence and in the struggle for peace in hearts, in families, in society, in the world”.

– Praying the rosary today is also a great cry for peace for the world, also for families that can be said to have been systematically destroyed – said Fr. Jacek Gankarek, National Superintendent of the Living Rosary. He also stated that after the Eucharist and the Sacraments, the most effective prayer is the Rosary.

According to Sister Emanuela Stachorska CSL, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Living Rosary Society, this prayer, like life, contains the mysteries of joy, suffering, and daily choices in the spirit of faith. – Through the rosary we immerse our lives in the Gospel, it is a prayer that roots us in everyday life, but which raises this daily life to heaven – affirmed Loreto.

There is a rosary group in almost every parish in Poland. Its members seek above all papal intentions, praying every day for those most in need of support. The Living Rosary remembers above all the missions, for that was the intention of the initiator of Bl. Polina Garicot.

We ask patients to donate their crosses to the missions. It is an invisible apostolic mission, because these are often our bedside brethren, and in fact they are the most important in missionary nature – emphasized Fr. Yaroslav Tomaszewski of the Papal Action for the Propagation of the Faith

The pilgrimage to Jasna Góra is always for all members of the Living Rosary the beginning of a new year of formation, and now also the sixth year of the Great Novena before the bicentenary of the creation of the Rosary.

More than 2 million people in Poland belong to the Living Rosary. Rose and rose rings operate in all parishes in Poland. In 2013, the work of the Living Rosary in Poland received a new national structure, which was included in the statutes of the Society of the Living Rosary and approved by Polish bishops. In 2022, the Parents’ Rosary also joined the Living Rosary Society as its separate branch, with approximately 150,000 members. the people.

The journal for the formation of Living Rosary communities is the monthly “Różaniec”, published by Wydawnictwo Sióstr Loretanek.

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