Rope park: an attraction for children and adults. What is the largest in Poland? Is it safe fun? Top 18 Polish parks

The rope park is a timely attraction for people thirsty for active recreation and outdoor fun. Rope parks offer plenty of thrills for kids and adults – they’re well worth a visit on Children’s Day or during a weekend trip or vacation. But is it safe fun? What exactly is it about? How much do rope park tickets cost? You’ll find answers to these and other questions in our guide: The 18 Best Rope Parks in Poland. Attractions, safety, and ticket prices.


A rope park is a type of amusement park that primarily focuses on active fun.

Ropes stretch between trees or poles, creating paths, bases, and obstacles above the ground. The ropes hang at different heights, from a meter to several meters. The fun in a rope park is walking on ropes to specific places (platform bases) or performing specific tasks.

The rope park consists of a series of routes. Ropes are stretched between platforms at different heights. Arkadiusz Wojtasiewicz/Polska Press, illustration

All kinds of challenges stand in the way of the participants: climbing walls, moving platforms, swings, beams, and ropes for swinging Tarzan-style jumps, and sometimes there are diversions in the form of sleigh rides or go-cart rides. The end of the rope course often takes the form of a descent, the so-called zip line: the climber is attached to a belt and zips high above the ground on a rope to the finish line.

Therefore, the rope park offers various outdoor activities. Overcoming the above-ground tracks on the ropes, the participants in the fun exercise their body and concentration.

The first rope gardens appeared in Poland in 2005, and now there are more than 240 of them. Rope gardens can be found in almost every major city or just outside. A trip to the rope park is a great idea for an active weekend, vacation or vacation for the whole family.

An example of fun in a rope park might look like this:

Rope parks attract entire families, as they are often adapted to the needs of climbers in different age groups. A rope park for kids offers easier routes on the ropes suspended below, so kids can experience climbing and overcoming obstacles without the risk of unnecessary abrasion or frustration. The rope park for adults is a whole bunch of tasks and obstacles.

Larger rope parks usually have multiple routes of varying difficulty levels, suitable for children and adults, so that the whole family can go on a ride without worrying that it will be too difficult for children or too easy for adults.

For younger children (under 4 years old), there are often more traditional attractions, such as playgrounds with sandboxes or children’s games.

The rope park also offers additional attractions, such as swings, beams, spider webs, and climbing walls.
The rope park also offers additional attractions, such as swings, beams, spider webs, and climbing walls. Arkadiusz Wojtasiewicz/Polska Press, illustration

The rope park must meet safety standards. All participants in the fun – climbers – are given appropriate harnesses, helmets and often also gloves, and the instructors make sure that the equipment is properly set up and operated. Belts with clips allow the ropes to be held securely, so that climbers are not at risk of falling. The rope paths suspended above are additionally secured with safety nets.

Routes in the rope park run between trees or piles at different heights and have a different level of complexity. In this way, everyone can choose a route with a suitable level of difficulty for themselves.

Before you start playing in the rope park, you should consult with the instructor, tell him openly, and brag about your condition, experience, and potential fears of heights. Thanks to this, the instructor will choose the ideal ropeway for you and give you tips on how to get the most out of the trek.

Climbers are protected by helmets, harnesses, as well as additional ropes and safety nets.
Climbers are protected by helmets, harnesses, as well as additional ropes and safety nets. Piotr Krzyzanowski/Polska Press Grupa, illustration

The only contraindication To have fun in the rope park are:

  • An extreme fear of heights – There is no point in forcing yourself to walk on a rope suspended above the ground if heights intimidate you. On the other hand, people who are a little afraid of heights can use the rope park attractions to conquer their fears.
  • Too short – children should not choose routes where they will not reach all the ropes they need; The coach helps to choose the right path.
  • Bad Weather – Many rope parks state that if it rains, trails and additional attractions may be closed. Excess moisture can make bungee walking very difficult or impossible.

A trip to the rope park isn’t complicated and doesn’t require packing your gear—helmets and harnesses are available on site, and often protective gloves as well.

If you want to go to the rope park, be sure to wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your arms and legs, as well as suitable shoes adapted to the increase in physical activity, preferably with a rubber sole that ensures a good grip. If the garden does not provide protective gloves, it is worth taking at least ordinary winter gloves to protect your hands from abrasion.

The rope park is a place for active fun and relaxation, so it’s worth taking water or an electrolyte drink with you. Before the trip, you also need to check if the rope park offers meals. As a rule, restaurants or bars are located near the ropeways, so tourists are not threatened with hunger. However, it never hurts to take some supplies with you on a trip to the rope park.

The rope park is fun for kids and adults.  It all depends on the selected track - each has a different level of difficulty.
The rope park is fun for kids and adults. It all depends on the selected track – each has a different level of difficulty. Arkadiusz Wojtasiewicz/Polska Press, illustration

If you take into account the number of ropeways in the width of the park, then it is the largest in Poland Park paprika rope In Tychy, it is picturesquely located on Paprocańskie Lake. It offers up to 14 routes, where you can encounter more than 90 obstacles (no additional attractions and fun). The total length of the roads is about 3 km.

He takes second place Bałtów Rope Park Skarbka With 12 tracks of 2.55 km. However, there are nearly 200 obstacles here – the most in Poland.

There are more than 240 rope parks all over Poland. There are at least 7 of them in Warsaw alone, and another 8 in the immediate vicinity of the capital. Which rope park is worth visiting?

Below we have collected suggestions of the most interesting Polish rope parks, which offer original attractions for children and adults.

A convenient map of Polish rope parks is available on the website By clicking on the exact point on the map, we can see how many trails there are in a particular rope park, what is their length and how many obstacles and additional attractions await climbers. The descriptions also contain links to the websites of each rope park.

Rope Park Paprocani in Tychy
The largest in Poland, you can choose between 14 routes. Tickets cost from 26 PLN to 126 PLN, depending on the number of routes selected.

Bałtów Rope Park Skarbka
It breaks the record for the number of obstacles on the roads. There are zip lines, swings, pendulums and other diversions. The ticket costs from 20 PLN to 60 PLN (depending on the route). In addition, an educational track, shooting range and Ferris wheel are paid.

Gibbon rope park in Royal
As one of the few rope parks in Poland, it also offers go-kart riding, and as the only one – a safe jump from a height of 11 meters for lovers of being in the air. Tickets cost from PLN 5 to PLN 40, there are also special packages up to PLN 100. A similar rope park also operates in Przasnysz, the price list is the same.

Golink Sky Circus
It is the largest rope park in Mazovia, offering 184 obstacles on 9 routes with a total length of approximately 1.5 km. You can purchase single-day and season tickets, as well as discount and family tickets. Prices start from PLN 29 (birthday ticket) and can go up to PLN 260 (2 + 2 family ticket). The price includes not only the rope park, but also the entrance to the amusement park.

Warsaw: Rope Park Bilany

In Bielany near Warsaw, you can try your hand at the rope park on 5 routes. Tickets cost from PLN 30 to PLN 120, depending on the number of routes selected.

Warsaw: Rope Park Wesoła

The rope park in Wesoła offers 3 routes with different levels of difficulty. Tickets cost from 35 PLN to 200 PLN (10 passes).

Warsaw: Rope Park Jozefów

Another rope park near Warsaw is located in Józefów. There are 4 roads, which are located in a wonderful place on the Oyder River. Tickets cost from 30 PLN to 105 PLN, depending on the chosen route.

Warsaw: Amazing Park Rope park in Wołomin

Near Warsaw, you can also go to the rope park in Wołomin, near the Grabicz Reserve. There are four modes of varying difficulty levels. Tickets cost from PLN 10 to PLN 80.

Rope park in Siedlce

In Siedlce you can use 3 routes of the rope park for 40 PLN to 45 PLN per ticket. There are also additional attractions, such as a climbing wall and quad biking.

Rope Park in Bomychovec

In the Dolina Wkra amusement park, you can have fun on 4 ropeways. Tickets cost from PLN 23 to PLN 43. The offer also includes long downloads from Tyrol, paid 60 PLN.

Kraina Wrażeń rope park in Pock

In Płock you can have fun on 4 ropeways. Entrance costs from PLN 35 to PLN 40, but there are discounts on later passes and a special birthday show.

Jumpy Park in Malbork

You can go wild on more than 2 km of ropeways, and there’s an additional attraction nearby – the Dinosaur Park, where you can see life-size statues of dinosaurs up close. Rope park tickets (including instructions) range in price from 25 PLN to 40 PLN, depending on the selected route.

Myślicinek rope park in Bydgoszcz

It is the largest urban rope park in Poland. It offers 6 routes only 3 km from the center of Bydgoszcz. Tickets cost from 25 PLN to 70 PLN, depending on the chosen route.

Zakopane: 3 rope parks in one city

If you are in Zakopane and looking for a rope park for a family trip, there will be plenty of suggestions. There are as many as 3 rope parks in the city: Złota Grań, Zakopana Trolandia and GuGu Rope Park. Most of the routes and obstacles are served by Złota Grań, which range in price from PLN 20 to PLN 45 per ticket.

Habel Park na Widmi in Ustka

There are many rope parks on the Baltic Sea, especially in popular resorts. In Ustka you can use the Na Wydmie rope park, located in the woods just 50 meters from the seashore. There are 4 routes here, tickets cost from PLN 40 to PLN 60 (group tickets are cheaper – it’s worth going to the rope park with the whole family or friends).

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