Rocky boxing night in Żuków. Fight results and summaries

Rocky boxing night in Żuków. Fight results and summaries

Kacper Meyna (11-1, 7 KOs) beat Krzysztof Tvardowski (10-5, 7 KOs) by technical knockout in a fight on the evening of the Rocky Boxing Night gala in uków. Thus, the Polish boxer got to the WBC belt in the Francophone version, in the royal category. Watch results and highlights of fights at the Rocky Boxing Night gala in uków.

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Kacper Meyna with her WBC Francophone Royal Belt!

The difference in the speed of both players was very noticeable right from the start. Mina was definitely slower, but his punches were stronger. Tvardovsky kept his opponent at a distance throughout and used his good straight left. Mayna hit the opponent with a hook in the seventh round, after which “Tough” was counted. In the next part of the duel, the referee decided to deduct a point from Tvardovsky for another blow below the belt in this fight. In the ninth round, Mina knocked out his opponent again. The referee decided to stop the fight after a while.

It’s time to fight the night! Kacper Meyna and Krzysztof Tvardowski will fight in the ring! The dueling stake will be the WBC belt in the Francophone version, in the royal category.

Mateusz Polski became the champion of Poland in the ultra-lightweight category by unanimous decision of the judges (99:91, 97:93, 98:92)!

We have a really big fight behind us! Daring attempts by the energetic Mądry versus the technically better Polish boxing. The first of them tried to compensate for the difference in character and bravely held out until the eighth round. In the latter two, he swung after another accurate blow from Poland, but eventually held out to the last gong. However, there can only be one outcome…

Ahead is the fight for the Polish champion’s belt in the ultra-lightweight category. Mateusz Polski (3-0, 3 KOs) vs. Denis Midry (7-7, 2 KOs)!

Artur Bizewski defeated Sergiej Werwejko by unanimous decision of the judges (56-55, 57:54, 60:52). Werwejko clearly disagrees with the ruling.

During the fight, Bizewski also lost a point. Now everything is in the hands of the judges.

Weruika’s face was covered in blood, but the fight was still going on.

What a fight and what feelings! From the very beginning, “Bizon” was very dynamic, striking at the end of the first round with a powerful right hook. Later on, both boxers were seen to be losing their strength, but they still displayed extraordinary ferocity. Sometimes illegal, because after the second round Werwejko was warned by the referee with a negative point for the blow after the bell. In the fifth round, after a stunning combination by Bizewski, he was counted out, but in the end he got up and continued the fight.

Sergej Wierwijko and Artur Bezuski set fire to the middle of the ring… what a feeling!

Kajetan Kalinowski said in an interview that he wants to go the full distance to gain as much experience as possible. He succeeds in this trick, because in a fairly safe manner, he outsmarts his opponent and wins easily.

In the next fight, Kajetan Kalinowski (5-1, 4 KOs) takes on the bars with omen Bartosz Barczynski (4-4, 2 KOs).

Another battle behind us. The boxers incredibly “caught up” at the end, heading into a real ring war. Their determination caused some problems for the judges, who this time scored unanimously (40:36, 39:37, 38:38). Finally, the winner was Rafael Dudek (2:0, 1 KO), defeating Krzysztof Ryta (1-3).

Rafa Dudek (1-0, 1 KO) and Krzysztof Ryta (1-2) “dance” in the ring. Who will emerge victorious?

Andżelika Krysztoforska had a lot of problems with Jasmina Nad, who was doomed to be eaten. The challenger looked stronger than the Polish woman, but in the end the judges appreciated the technical virtuosity of our boxer, unanimously judging her victory.

In the next fight, Andżelika Krzystoforska (6-0, 5 KOs) will face Yasmina Nad (11-26-5, 4 KOs).

Łukasz Puczyński (3-1-1) defeated Damien Smagel (1-6) by unanimous decision of the judges (39:37, 40:36, 40:36).

Our commentators have no doubts.

– For me 3: 1 in Łukasz Puczyński’s rounds, – said Igor Yakubovsky.

Will the judges feel the same way?

It’s time for the second battle! Damian Smagel (1-5) will try to threaten Łukasz Puczyński (2-1-1).

The first match is behind us. Smykowski started better, though the opponent bled his nose very quickly. In the next round, Torzyniki went on the offensive, hitting his opponent with powerful blows to the body. In the third set, he continued to attack, and in the final round both players lacked strength. In the end, the judges unanimously declared victory for Torzyniki 40:36, 39:37, 40:36.

First game tonight. Dawid Turzeniecki vs. Tymoteusz Smykowski, so debuts for both players.

In tonight’s event fight, Kacper Meyna will wear the gauntlet with Krzysztof Tvardowski, and the WBC Francophone heavyweight belt will be at risk.

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