road revolution in the region. Deputy Minister on the opening date of the long-awaited bypass

The General Directorate of National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) plans to open the Sianów Pass in Zachodnioporskie Voivodeship by the end of July. This information was provided on Saturday by the Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, Pawee Sievernacker. This is part of the S6 motorway from Szczecin to Tri-City. You will have to wait much longer to completely get past Koszalin.

vice president MIA During the press conference held on Saturday in Stare Bielice, Paweł Szefernaker indicated that the S6 and S11 motorways are under construction, which he called “Roads of Life in Central Pomerania”. In Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship, road S6 is being built on the Szczecin-Gdańsk road to Koszalin, and other sections are under construction.

By 2026, as announced by Cernaker, the sixth express train will be fully operational.

Transcend S6 from Cianów

Deputy Minister announced that by the end of July this year Jedkia Plans to open the Sianów Pass along the S6 road. Paweł Szefernaker said it was thanks to the decision made by the government PIS On the construction of an additional intersection in Gorzebądz, this can be done without waiting for the entire Koszalin bypass to be built, whose construction had to be halted And its implementation with a different technology because of the geological problems that arose there.

He added that Kozalin’s bypass should be ready in the first quarter of 2024.

The Koszalin and Sayanov galaxies will eventually be 21.1 kilometers long. Three sections of this road have been made available to drivers since the fall of 2019: from the Peles intersection to the Koszalin Wschód intersection, a connection to Szczecińska Street (S11) and the final section of the ring road from the Sianów Wschód intersection. This is a total of 13.2 km of the ring road. Work is underway to complete the ring road from Koszalin Wschód junction to Sianów Wschód junction.

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