Remember the mothers of fallen soldiers

Friday 26 May 2023 (7:21 PM)

UdSKiOR President Jan Josef Kasperzyk honored the memory of the mothers of all fallen soldiers.

“On Mother’s Day, we remember in a special way the mothers of all fallen soldiers. It has been a tradition for several years that on this day at the Powązki Military Cemetery we lay flowers on the grave of the symbolic mother of the Unknown Soldier, Jadwiga Zarugiewiczwa – a social activist, mother of Konstanty Zarugiewicz, who died Also today we laid flowers at the grave of Lieutenant-Colonel Aleksandra Zagorska, who is located next to the grave – defender of Lviv in 1918, participant in the war with the Bolsheviks, activist for independence whose merits contributed to the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Poland, mother of its youngest defender, Jerzy Pechan, who Died in defense of Lviv facebook Office for war veterans and victims of persecution.

– On this very important day, which is Mother’s Day, we gather at the graves of two very important women in the history of the Republic of Poland, to lay flowers and pray on their graves to thank all the mothers who, throughout the Polish historical experience, raised and formed their children in this way to instill in them that the most important principle is love Homeland community – said the head of the Office for Veterans and Victims of Persecution, Jan Josef Kasprzyk, on the graves of Umm Ramzya. Unknown soldier Jadwiga Zarugiewiczowa and Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandra Zagorska, mother of the youngest Lwów Eaglet.

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