Protect yourself from the indifference of your heart

Thursday 25 May 2023 (21:00)

Update: Thursday 25 May 2023 (21:10)

Ars celebration It would be nice if it was confirmed every day the biographysaid the father. Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, Celebration of the Divine Liturgy. In Wawel Cathedral with priests celebrating the tenth anniversary of the priesthood.

Referring to the prayer of the archpriest of the Vechernik, Fr. Archbishop Marek Godrazewski drew attention to the truths Christ conveyed about God, the priesthood, the Church, and the choice and mission of disciples. Christ referred to the mystery of the Holy Trinity, emphasizing its unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Unity is expressed through acknowledging the truth about God and also through obedience to the Father and giving Him glory.

– In the life of a priest, this special unity between the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity, this special desire to give glory to God must be repeated, so there must be love for Christ as an expression of thanksgiving for his prayers for us. Father – said the Metropolitan of Krakow, noting that he expresses this first of all in “love for the truth” – in proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, and also in “love for the will of God” and “love in giving glory to God” – in making the Eucharistic sacrifice to which the priest must add her the sacrifice of his life.

The Archbishop also referred to Benedict XVI’s “Spiritual Testament”, published after the Pope’s death, in which he discussed, among other things, the priesthood. The Holy Father referred to the following words: “Let us stand before you and serve you” from the Second Eucharistic Prayer. The archbishop noted that the service in the Old Testament has a purely ritual meaning. The New Testament gave this word a new meaning – related to serving God and serving people to the end. – it is not related to the correct and legitimate rites; It is about the living love of the Father and life, true, sacrificial love for people, which costs a lot, – added the father. Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, noting the importance of the celebration of the Eucharist by priests. – Ars celebration It would be nice if it was confirmed every day the biographyHe emphasized that through a special art of life aimed not at self-realization, but at true service to others, in order to lead them to salvation. He noted that the “art of living” includes “the art of prayer.”

In this context, the archbishop referred to the need to get closer to Christ, which in everyday life can be neutralized by routine. We must defend ourselves against the indifference of the heart, emphasized the metropolitan. He said that intimacy with Christ takes the form of obedience. – Allowing ourselves to be led where we do not want – this is an essential dimension of our ministry and, paradoxically, it makes us free – he added at the end.

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