Prime Minister: We will not withdraw from compensation

Friday 26 May 2023 (10:24)

Update: Friday, May 26, 2023 (10:45)

We will never give up the issue of war reparations from Germany. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said today in a radio interview that I strongly disagree with the German ambassador.

On Wednesday, in an interview with Polish Radio 24, the German ambassador to Poland, Thomas Bager, stated that legally, the issue of reparations was closed. He noted, “This topic is a Pandora’s box, and it is better if this box remains as it is.”

Prime Minister Moravecki said today that he strongly disagrees with Bajer because “the reparations will also bear fruit for Germany.” – I know this may be shocking, but for our Polish-German relations – God grant that we may live side by side for another thousand years – to repair this eternal secular loss, these tears, this sea of ​​blood, the head of the government indicated, at least minimally, from By acknowledging that compensation will be a positive thing by all means.

He added that Poland’s attitude towards Germany and the Poles would undoubtedly improve. So, Ambassador [Bagger] The prime minister said that he is not only wrong morally, but wrong in a deep political and social sense, because it would also be beneficial for Germany.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the Government Commissioner for Reparations, Arkadiusz Molarczyk, for his continued efforts to obtain war reparations for Poland from Germany. But, as Morawiecki pointed out, it will be a long process that will take decades. – But we will not deviate from it, and I think that future generations of politicians will demand it, – he added.

Prime Minister Moraviki also stressed that “the size of the compensation is really very large.” – We cannot agree that the German proposals will be really small and insignificant, – he said.

And Mateusz Morawiecki added that the Germans should have rebuilt the Saxon Palace 50 or even 70 years ago. – But it will be just a drop in a huge sea of ​​reparations, which we have presented on the basis of a very solid report, analyzed by many experts, historians, specialists and economists – the prime minister assessed us.

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