Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023 until Sunday in Sopot

The biggest stars, hot anniversaries, the best music and humor uncensored! At the 20th Festival organized by Polsat at the Forest Opera in Sopot, among others, Dawid Kwiatkowski, IRA, Sarah James, Smollasti, Organik, Agnieszka Želinska, Duda, Edita Górniak, Moralny Nepokoju cabaret and Skiczów Muszyniak cabaret. Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023 from Friday to Sunday live on Polsat.

For 20 years, Polsat has been inviting visitors to its festival at the Opera Forest in Sopot. Every time it is a wonderful musical celebration for the audience in the amphitheater and millions of viewers in front of the televisions. This year, on the occasion of the festival’s 20th anniversary, the Polsat SuperHit Festival will take place Totally unique!

First day artists

The biggest song stars of all generations meet on the stage of the Jungle Opera. The first day – like every year – the most popular “Platinum” artists and stars whose songs have been heard on the radio. Their “destructive power” is measured by the most objective criterion – record sales and the number of plays on all radio stations in Poland. This will be the hottest!

Among the performers of the “Platinum” concert Julia Wieniawa, Maciej Mosiowski, Agnieszka Želinska, Trips and Duda. With his best songs on all radio stations in Poland: Prisca, BRO, Daria, Ignasi. C-Bool and the youngest entrant in the festival’s history, this year’s Fryderyk winner in this year’s Phonographic 1st category, Sarah James. On this day, they will celebrate their anniversaries: 10 years on stage in Dawid Kwiatkowski, 45 years in Pajem’s troupe, and up to 75 years in Mazowsze’s troupe.

Jubilee Saturday

On the second day we celebrate “20 years of Polsat Festivals in Sopot”. That evening on stage, among others: Edyta Górniak, Kamil Bednarek w Completely new ammoT.Love, Organek, Kayah, Lemon, Alicja Majewska, Pawe Domagała, Michał Szpak, Maryla Rodowicz And many, many others. In addition, they will celebrate their anniversaries with us: 25 years from Golec uOrkiestra, 35 years from IRA, And up to 40 years old – defiant Maciej Malychuk.

Sopot cabaret hit

The third day is a day off The best amusement park without censorshipie Sopot Cabaret Hit. The funny premiere and sketches will be presented by, among others: Moral Anxiety Cabaret, Exhausting Sketches Cabaret, Young Gentlemen Cabaret, K2 Cabaret, Marcin Danek and Jerzy Kryzakwho has been with us since the beginning, and other “reality mockers”.

Greatest Hits and New Stars

– This is the twentieth festival organized by Polsat in Sopot. We started in 2003 with the TOPtrendy Festival. It was there that we had the opportunity to introduce the young Ania Dąbrowska, the Sistars and the Zakopower band to the audience. In 2015, we changed the name of the festival to Polsat SuperHit Festival And we’ve converted it. We have established a cooperation with the Association of Audio and Video Producers, which provides us with information about albums and singles that have been at least platinum, as well as a list of songs that have been most played by all radio stations in Poland. At each of our festivals, we also celebrate the anniversaries of our artists. It is already a tradition for this event. Krzysztof Krawczyk, Zbigniew, Wodecki, Kora, as well as T Love and Edita Gourniak celebrated their jubilee with us. The youngest ones are also celebrating with us: Daoud Kwiatkowski, Sylwia Grzyszak, Kamil Bednarik and many, many more. Even the respected Forest Opera celebrated its centenary with us. The idea of ​​showcasing the greatest hits and discovering new stars remains the same – said Nina Terentiew, member of the supervisory board of Telewizja POLSAT.

event partners

Polsat SuperHit Festival partners are the city of Sopot, the Baltic Artistic Agency BART, the Forest Opera, Albert-Art and the Association of Audio and Video Producers. The fleet partner is Grupa Zdunek. Media beneficiaries are: Interia and Radio Zet.

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