Political hunting “is the main goal, but not the only one.” “Nobody can ever feel safe.”

This law is not out of curiosity. Curiosity is an understatement. We’ve seen the strange performance of PiS many times. This is appalling, stressing Senator Marek Borowski in “Fakty po Faktach,” as he evaluated the PiS-proposed “lex Tusk” in the programme.

The guest of the Friday edition of TVN24’s “Fakty po Faktach” was Marek Borowski who was asked about The decision of the majority of the members of Parliament (especially Representatives of the Law and Justice Party), according to which the “Lex Tusk” commission (that is, a body for examining Russian influence) will be created and whether, therefore, it can be considered that the political search for the leader of the main opposition party has begun. – certainly. Law and Justice’s bravest politicians make no secret of it.

He referred to the statements of Janusz Kowalski of sovereign Poland, who – as Borowski stated – “never stops saying that this committee is there to catch Tusk”.

– There is no doubt that this is the main, but perhaps not the only goal, if such a commission is ever created, because it has not yet been decided, – Borowski noted. He referred to the fact that the regulations would now be sent to the President for decision.

Kowalski: I hope the committee’s work will bring Tusk to state courtTVN24

Borowski noted, “This law is structured in such a way that non-politicians, journalists, or judges are not burdened with ‘submission to Russian influence.'” He stressed that no one can ever feel safe.

– You said in the Senate that the mysterious authors of this document may have been inspired by Spielberg’s Minority Report. This happened in the year 2054, where scientists learned to predict the future, and thus special police units predicted who would commit violence’. It’s like a minority report. I’m joking a bit here, but this stat is not out of curiosity. Curiosity is an understatement. We’ve seen the strange performance of PiS many times. He said it was horrible.

Marek Borowski in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

What will the president do?

When asked what he thought the president’s decision would be on the matter, Borowski agreed Andrey Duda So far “do not send any signals”. – Until now, he signed many harmful laws that hit the foundations of the democratic system and the rule of law, but he used the right of veto, and referred it to the Constitutional Court, such as the Czarnik law – pointing out, “Lex Czarnik“.

– It was so with the Law and Justice party that I heard many times from my colleagues that they were not going to cross this border, but they did. President too. But if I had to sign today, and express my opinion whether he (the president) would sign or not, I would bet 55 percent that he would not sign, – he said. – He probably won’t veto because he’s afraid of a veto at all. He added that it is (better) to get rid of the responsibility and send it to the court, which, by the way, only operates by vetoing it.

Tusk in the House, PiS politicians ‘had to raise their hands when they saw him’

When asked about Tusk’s presence on the parliamentary balcony, moments before the “Lex Tusk” vote, Borowski assessed that the head after “Everyone was surprised.” – As he himself said, he wanted to look in the faces of those who pass this notorious law. And he looked, and they had to raise their hands when they saw him, – he remembers.

In this regard, the march announced by Tusk on June 4 is mentioned. – It is necessary to show opposition. It should be shown as widely as possible. In 2015, the Law and Justice Party came to power with the slogan “Poland in ruins”. They meant economics and social policy. This was a fundamental lie, because then PiS took full advantage of the economic growth developed by the previous team – he said.

– But now we can really talk about Poland in ruins and I’m not just talking about the economy, but about the whole system, the entire political system, – Borowski emphasized.

Donald Tusk in the House meeting roomPAP/Leszek Szymanski

Main image source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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