Poles do not know about this add-on! PLN 600 without any standards. Check details on 05/26/2023

Few people know about this financial supplement! Meanwhile, it is not difficult to get it, because a little desire is enough to earn extra money. We explain how to earn PLN 600 every month.

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Unemployment benefit is an important social benefit designed to provide financial support to people who have lost their jobs and do not have a regular source of income. It provides some security to the unemployed, helping them through the difficult period of searching for a new job. It provides basic financial support to help the unemployed cover their daily living costs. This may include providing food, paying bills, rent, and other basic expenses.

Unemployment benefit usually requires that you actively look for work as a condition of continuing to receive your benefits. The unemployed must report to the Employment Office regularly, submit job search documents and participate in training programmes. This support motivates the unemployed to take an active approach to finding a new job.

To receive unemployment benefits, a person must meet certain conditions, such as losing a job through no fault of their own, actively looking for a job, reporting to the Employment Office and complying with other requirements set by the body awarding the benefit.

The state pays a total allowance of PLN 1,304.10 for the first three months, then a total of PLN 1,024.10. However, there is an opportunity to earn extra money. It is exactly PLN 600 per month.

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People who have lost their jobs can apply for an activation allowance. Its name is largely due to the fact that these people work dynamically to get back into the labor market.

The allowance in question is granted by the Employment Office of Poland. To receive more than PLN 600, you do not need a specific income or age. People who have lost their jobs can count on this benefit. regardless of whether they are entitled to unemployment benefits or whether they have to wait to receive these benefits.

It is possible to receive an allowance of 600 PLN even if we receive a referral to work issued by the Employment Service. This will be the case when the person who undertakes the work performs it part-time in accordance with the profession or service. As a result, he will receive less than the minimum wage. This allowance will then amount to the difference between the minimum wage and the actual wage.

The amount of the bonus for finding a job on your own depends mainly on the amount of unemployment benefit in a given year. In the case of 2023, the total unemployment benefit is PLN 1,304.10, so the maximum amount The activation allowance may be up to PLN 652.10 net.

There are a few exceptions when you cannot apply for an activation allowance:

  • joined work for the employer with whom they had a job placement, or did other paid work immediately before registering with the Employment Office,
  • on unpaid leave,
  • work for a foreign employer,
  • There is a break of a working day between successive employment contracts, and during this rest period the person is not registered with the PUP. Then business continuity is no longer maintained

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