Poles are fighting to make their dreams come true. Will Pawlicki disenchant Italy?

Two years ago, the player of Betard Sparta Wrocław also started fighting for a pass to the Grand Prix in Italy, at the Terenzano circuit. He started brightly with two races he won, but in the end he not only dropped out of the competition, but also returned to the country with a shoulder and wrist injury.

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The eleventh round turned out to be unlucky for him. Leading the pack, he ran into a rut at turn two and fell. In the next series of starts he was also disqualified for causing Anders Thomsen to fall. – The rut I got into during the lead shoots my motorcycle like a catapult, no chance to react, then a lot of discomfort and the accompanying pain – I later mentioned Pawlicki, who this time will fight for promotion on the track in Lonigo.

Pole is definitely the favorite in this tournament. Of the players who could threaten him, only Niels Christian Iversen, Oliver Berntzon, Timo Lahti, Jan Kvech and Jamon Ledsey should be mentioned. All of them, with the exception of the Australian, are players representing First League clubs in Poland.

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