Podlaskie road messes. There is a pedestrian and cycle path in Horodnyani, but no street crossing

A reader wrote us an email with information about the lack of a pedestrian crossing in Horodnyani. Indicates that it is difficult to cross the street without breaking the law. The provincial road department informs that the matter will be handled by the Road Safety Commission.

One of our readers, Mr. Arthur, while out for a walk with his family, noticed a certain absurdity of the road. The pedestrian and cycle path of Horodnyani is suddenly crossed by a street, but there is no pedestrian crossing at this point.

I went with my family for a walk in Horodnyany near Bialystok. I was surprised that there is no pedestrian crossing near Bedronca. You can see that the lines were recently drawn on the street. Why wasn’t the zebra painted? There is no way to get to the other side of the street without breaking the rules – says Mr. Artur.

The Road Administration of Poviat in Bialystok reported that the former District Road No. 678 was seized under the Public Roads Ordinance from the former official, specifically from the Road Administration of Podlaskie County.

The lack of a pedestrian and bicycle lane along the route is related to the decision made by the former road superintendent and the relevant traffic management authority of the former county road. The Podlaski County Road Authority was also an investor in the construction of a pedestrian and bike path, where the trail in question is located. The path for pedestrians and bicycles has been determined on the basis of a permanent road traffic regulation project – informs Director Marek Jędrzejewski from the Road Administration of Bovyat in Białystok.

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