PiS pays Lex Tusk. Panic elements in the ruling camp

This situation is somewhat suitable for the opposition, and in particular for the leader of the Civic Platform party, said political expert Raffai Shvedoruk, referring to the adoption by the House of Representatives of the Russia Influence Examination Law. He explained that Donald Tusk “has become the main target of the attack and that other opposition parties are forced to stand in solidarity” with him. Political scientist Thomas Sobeck assessed that the act was part of the campaign. – The only question is, first of all, whether the Law and Justice party has not been affected too much at the moment. Second, is this level of polarization more appropriate for Donald Tusk?

“Lex Tusk”, that is, the law establishing the State Commission for the Study of Russian Influence on the Internal Security of the Republic of Poland in the years 2007-2022, the Sejm passed on Friday. Now awaiting the president’s decision.

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Controversial items were discussed on TVN24 by political scientists, Dr. Rafał Chwedoruk from the Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw and Dr. Tomasz Sobiek from the University of Silesia.

Law “Duration of Campaign” and “Elements of Panic in the Ruling Camp”.

As Sobeck assessed, in the course of pushing the bill, “elements of panic could be seen in the ruling camp.” – It means using this kind of tool, which is this political club that breaks all the rules of a democratic state – he said.

In his view, it is a body established “for the duration of the campaign”. – The only question is, first of all, whether the Law and Justice party has not been affected too much at the moment. Second, whether this level of polarization is more appropriate Donald Tusk and the (civil) coalition, or more broadly, the opposition. It seems so now.”

Hvidoruk: This is a favorable situation for the opposition

Schwydork also assessed that “this situation is rather comfortable for the opposition, especially the leader of the (civil) platform”. – Because it became the main target of the attack symbolically and forced other opposition parties to sympathize with the leader after It is to explain.

– It is also suitable for another reason (…). Well, PiSi Andrey Duda, during their tenure in power in 2014-2015, they presented themselves as victims of various restraining acts, harassment from the other side – he continued. According to the political scientist, the Commission Act and other regulations introduced by the government create “a completely different picture of what is happening Law and justice It presented itself in the years 2012-2015, and perhaps in some sense in some period of the next period, giving the platform a weapon.

– He added that it is easier for the liberal party to be in the role of those who oppose restrictions and restrictions on civil liberties.

Hvidoruk: This is a favorable situation for the oppositionTVN24

Sobek: The possibility of establishing the committee is slim

Sobeck also assessed that “the probability that (committee – ed.) is, in my opinion, low.”

According to him, they should be used “in this hunt with the witch-hunt, which we have been dealing with for many months or many years.” Of course, this is a polarization between the Law and Justice party and Donald Tusk. We also know that Donald Tusk has a fairly large number of negative voters, so this builds sentiment – he counted.

– This practice related to this legal problem, but also violating the provisions of the Constitution, creating a legal monster that actually focuses on the competences of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, secret services, and the quasi-court, which is a dangerous precedent and is a practice He continued: We are about to put you in an authoritarian state.

– The ball is on the side of President Andrzej Duda, and there are many indications that even if he vetoes this bill, he will probably send it to the Constitutional Court. And the paralysis of this institution (…) clearly shows that it will indeed falter and the commission will never be established – the expert added.

Main image source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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