People are sounding the alarm. Hundreds of tons of waste end up in landfills

The editors of Al-Tadakhul newspaper alerted the residents of Al-Sawani village about the problem. On the site of the former distillery in the center of the village, between the buildings, there with hazardous waste. Storage permit Hazardous waste issued in 2014.

“We didn’t even know something like this was happening.” It was with the approval of the then star. In the event of rain, everything flows into the groundwater – said the residents gathered in front of the camera “intervention”.

– To this day I wonder why the star then allowed the storage of waste. According to the decisions, there should be 400 tons of hazardous wastebut today we know from estimates that there are at least 100 percent of them, – confirmed Daniel Kowalek, Kotno star.

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New mayor in 2019 Cancellation of the hazardous waste collection permit. However, barrels, bags and waste containers are still underdeveloped. There has been a fire twice already. Recently at the end of May.

– The source of the fire was in two places It may indicate arson – noted Krzysztof Kobanja of the Lodz Prosecutor’s Office.

“There is a whole Mendeleev’s table in the ground.”

– These are basically post-industrial waste and hazardous chemicals. We have found that this waste may pose a threat to the environment – said Katarzyna Trojak-Danish from the Prefectural Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Łódź.

The entire Mendeleev table is in the floor. This is partly medical waste, syringes and vials with blood were found here – residents assure.

Barrels and containers with waste are kept not only in the open air, but also in buildings. Locals say some of them may still be underground. The former distillation tanks were backfilled by excavators at night. No one has yet explored what was buried. Leszek Gładysiak is located right next to the waste area.

The barrels are not secured and gases of unknown origin are leaking. It affects me, my family and the population. This is chemical waste that irritates the respiratory tract, our son was taken to the hospital for this reason – as stated by Gładysiak.

– real estate company Had to remove it by the end of 2019. Krzysztof Kopania of the Lodz Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that the company’s board chairman was twice deprived of his liberty in court proceedings outside the Lodz region.

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After his release, the head of the company disappeared and was wanted. In such a situation, the disposal of hazardous waste must be handled by officials.

Justyna Ciska and Konrad Zieliński live a few dozen meters from the landfill. They are considering leaving.

– I’m from this city, since I was a kid, I don’t want to go out, but If this chemistry affects our health, it will be considered. I can’t imagine having children here. All of this chemistry has an effect on a young child. I have asthma, and we don’t know what a child will take from us. Konrad Zieliński said drugs are just drugs.

Residents say the mayor is only beginning to act When TV took care of the case. However, he had earlier bought an electric car for the municipal office with public funds. It cost more than PLN 300,000. And for this amount, he can, for example, inspect or secure the territory.

Waste disposal will cost about PLN 11 million

A reporter from “Intervention” spoke to a local government official

– We do not have the resources to deal with this matter, we are not a party – said Mayor Tomasz Szczecin.

– You have a nice electric car for PLN 300,000, you can buy one cheaper, prices for electric cars start at PLN 100,000 and there will already be money, – the journalist answered.

– The municipality is not a party here. The mayor said the car will be used to transport residents during the elections.

“It’s more than just a bus…” the reporter interjected.

Unfortunately, the bus was very expensive. Yesterday I was at the Ministry of Climate, I spoke for help, – explained the local government official.

Why don’t you speak to the minister until after the television has covered the issue? Why didn’t you go to the minister earlier? asked the journalist.

– The municipality is not a party, – repeated the mayor.

But if you can now, why not sooner? Reporter pointed out.

– There was no need at that stage of the conversations with the minister, – concluded the local government official.

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And the mayor’s brothers appeared at the residents’ meeting with a “intervention.” One of them recorded the meeting. Others didn’t like it. There was a quarrel.

Residents: I invite you to my place, then you will understand what we mean. What do you sign up for?

Mayor’s Brother: To myself.

Population: Please stop. Don’t sign up, Smartass.

Mayor’s brother: You threw me a phone, 10,000 PLN were in this phone.

Reporter: Why isn’t your brother here?

Mayor’s Brother: The brother could not come.

Reporter: How do you evaluate the activities of the municipality in matters of waste?

Mayor’s Brother: We don’t need rubbish here and I’d like to ask your TV to add a few thousand!

Residents: Why are you registering? To show the mayor to take revenge on us? As for the mayor’s work in the municipality, it is useless.

The mayor’s brother took hold of the inhabitant’s hand, and the others replied: Leave him, don’t touch him.

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You can watch the video “Intervention” here.

Waste disposal costs money It will be about PLN 11 million. The Kutno star has so far collected nearly PLN 4 million for this. And now there is an opportunity to get an additional eight million in co-financing from the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection.

– at the moment Nobody participates in these funds, so there is a possibility that the entire complex will go to the Lodz Voivodeship You will go here to dispose of waste in ańcut. By the end of the year, this waste should be disposed of – says Daniel Kowalek, Kutno starost.

– Half of the population here comes with an inhaler. We have small children, we fear for their lungs, waste is carcinogenic – assured its residents.

A must-watch “intervention” article here.

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