Pentecost and a parade of folk bands at the Museum on Sunday. It is worth coming and listening to the music and taking part in the workshops

Podlaskie Institute of Culture invites you to show folk groups and singers. It will start on Sunday, May 28, at 11 in the Podlaski Museum of Folk Culture. The ethnographic festival “Zielone Świątki w Skansen” will also be held there.

“Green Świątki in Skansen” is the first of three large ethnographic festivals at the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture. It is organized every year on the day this moving holiday falls. This time it will be May 28th. Folk bands will come, and there will be an exhibition of folk art and regional cuisine. The event will start at 11 am and will run until 5 pm.


In popular culture, Green Świątki is a symbolic end of the winter period and the beginning of summer. The source of many of the centuries-old customs cultivated in rural Podlasie are the pre-Christian spring celebrations and the ancient agricultural and livestock rites that accompany them.

The symbol of Pentecost, which was reflected in the popular name, was always green, calamus leaves scattered on the floor in the room and green branches of birch, linden and maple. The fields were also covered with green branches. Alder was stuck into the tubs of potatoes to make it white and loose. The land is cultivated with cornstarch and mayonnaise, which is resilient and wind-resistant.

Pentecost was the feast of the shepherd. Attempts were made to take care not only of crops, but also of livestock.

Many of the above-described customs, forgotten today, are recreated by folk bands every year during the “Green Świątek w Skansen”, with which the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture usually kicks off the ethnographic festival season. This year, as in the previous year, the festival will be accompanied by a parade of bands and singers in Podlaskie Voivodeship, which is organized by the Podlaskie Institute of Culture. You’ll also be able to shop at the fair for folk crafts, folk art, and regional cuisine.

The already mentioned parade of popular bands and singers is an important event of popular culture. Thanks to her, it has been possible for years to document and publish, and thus protect, the authentic folk repertoire, the traditional style of making music and singing. The competition is attended by folklore ensembles whose composition and repertoire correspond to the traditions of the region, soloists playing traditional instruments, singers – soloists and vocal groups, as well as young participants with their “masters”.

The Parade of Folk Bands and Singers in Podlaskie Voivodeship is also a qualifier for the 57th National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny nad Wiso.

  • 11-15 – a parade of folk groups and singers in Podlaskie Voivodeship
  • 15-16 – the performance of the “Wowanie kusta” ritual (the “semirwa” group)
  • 16.30-16.50 – concert of the song and dance ensemble “Kurpie Zielone”
  • 11-17 – Demonstrations and craft workshops: baskets (rye straw, wicker), oil pressing, tar burning, bark containers, brooms
  • 11-17 – Presentations of the Podlaskie Society for Historic Reconstruction “Trzaskawica”
  • 11-17 – Wax workshops
  • 11-17 – Podlasie Exhibition of Social Economy
  • 11-17 – Exhibition of folk crafts and regional cooking

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