Part of the land was removed from it so that the gas station could be reached

Mr. Marek runs his company in Ellink, a village located in Plosk Municipality, Mazovia. Four years ago, the man found out that a gas station would be built approx. At the time, he was not aware of the consequences he might suffer regarding this construction.

– Between the petrol station and my plot of land, there is a road on the municipality’s plot that was used as an exit from the petrol station. Only to merge it into Płocka Street, to the main road, they had to occupy part of my property to get out of there. In order to use this station, they have to build an exit road on a plot of land – said Marek Grąbczewski.

The station built the road at its own expense

Al Madakhla correspondents went to the company’s headquarters to inquire about the details of the road construction. There we were asked to send questions by e-mail. In response to them, we read, among other things, that the company is building a road on the basis of an agreement concluded with Płońsk Municipality. We asked the municipal office in Płońsk about its content, in particular regarding the financing of the road.

– If you have any questions regarding the contractual conditions related to the performance of individual works, and who pays for them, please submit them in writing, – answered Piotr Bilewicz, representative of the municipal office in Płońsk.

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– This station could not organize proper access, it entered into an agreement with the municipality, based on the contract, the station built a road at its own expense, with its own money – said the lawyer of Mr. Marek Mihaj Gotchak.

The mayor is not the authority to decide if something is illegal. Aleksandr Yaroslavsky, the mayor of Płońsk, said that the mayor is responsible for performing tasks.

Part of the property was seized with the help of the police

The task of the communal office in Ploesk was to confiscate part of Mr. Marek’s plot on the basis of private law. The man appealed, filed complaints and even filed a case in court. Despite this, a month ago, the district office in Plosk, with the help of the police, seized part of his property for the construction of a road.

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– This whole implementation is an interesting subject, because they took the plot and did not take it … They took it, because they are already doing road work there, but in part of the plot there is a building, which is in on half, since April 28th, on the property commune. Maybe the municipality will carry out the demolition, but they can dismantle their part, not mine. The lady from Starosti said that this road would fit here, despite these buildings. I can see right away that these are significant deviations from the design in terms of the dimensions and distances of this road – Marek Grąbczewski’s assessment.

We appear at the district office with Mr. Marek. Despite the prior arrangement of the interview on camera, we received a statement immediately in which we could not find an answer to the question whether the contractor was sticking to the project. In it we read, among others:

“Staroste, as the enforcement authority, conducted the proceedings on the basis of the provisions of the Special Roads Act (Article 16) and the Administration’s Enforcement Procedures Act. (…) The allegations currently being formulated against this decision were subject to review by both the first instance and the court and were found to be without merit She is healthy.”

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– Exactly on May 11 of this year, we received the temporary traffic regulation project. This application was submitted after the start of work. In addition, in our opinion, any traffic management body, this connection is not secure. That’s why we issued a negative opinion – we were informed by Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Płońsk.

– I am provided with compensation, but this way of including this road in traffic is dangerous, it is better to prevent such situations than to cry later, if something happens – summed up Mr. Marek.

The video can be watched here.

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