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The European Commission intends to return to the forced resettlement mechanism for migrants. What is the purpose of this work, what purpose does it serve at all?

– The situation seems clear. Well, the Germans want to share the problem that they themselves have created, which they cannot solve. In view of the above, they are trying to blackmail other countries by forcing them to accept immigrants. Of course, if a country wants to bring migrants from North Africa or the Middle East, let it bring them to itself, but other EU countries cannot be forced to do so. It is also blackmail of the European left. Well, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson, who informed the ambassadors of member states about this forced group of migrants, is strongly leftist, and it is the European left that is trying to get out of the corruption scandal at the summits of the European Parliament, which has severely damaged the image of this environment. So he tries to compensate, to cover up the bad social reception and he comes up with this proposal, trying to please Europe and the world with ideas that keep rational thinking awake at night. I think the idea is unacceptable and the very clear position of the Polish government indicates that Poland will not accept this project. The authors of this idea realize that there are countries in the European Union that will not agree to the mechanism of forced resettlement of migrants.

Is there a second bottom for this idea?

– It is difficult to say, perhaps it is also related to the fact that the decision-makers of the European Union, who understand that some EU countries will not accept this project, punishing them financially, want to save the EU budget. Of course, if this turned out to be the secret of this project, it would be a scandal, but this is how the European Union works, unfortunately.

There was already an idea of ​​forced resettlement in 2015, but it failed. The European Commission, then discredited, is unable to draw conclusions from its mistakes?

– This only shows that the European Union is ruled by people with very poor mental prospects, who lack a vision for the development of Europe. I don’t know if they want to fill the EU with Africans and Asians, because that’s what that idea sounds like, they want to solve the labor shortage in Germany and help Berlin under the guise of forced immigration quotas. After all, it is not a discovery that these illegal immigrants will not want to live in Poland – even if we accept them, but that their destination is Germany, Holland or France. Therefore, these actions of the European Commission are incomprehensible and I think it will not be possible to push through this idea, which does not change the fact that the discussion will continue and continue, and it is also possible that there will be attacks on some opposing countries. to the forced deportation of immigrants. So something will happen, there will be noise, disagreements, but this is what the European left is about, which is promoting this topic.

Instead of closing the external borders, on the contrary, we made them open and encouraged immigrants from North Africa to expand illegally into Europe?

– We have a strange and incomprehensible situation because when the United States is in the process of closing the borders
With Mexico, as well as in many countries in the south of the European Union, the Italians also follow a strict policy, and similarly the Greeks, Hungarians and the Baltic countries strengthen and close their borders, the European Commission comes up with the absurd idea of ​​opening the borders to people who are culturally alien to us. As you mentioned, it is also, in a sense, an attempt to divert attention from the problems of the European Union, so that there is something to talk about in a situation where it is very difficult to pay the debt owed by the European Union. The European Central Bank raised interest rates again two weeks ago. There is also a problem with servicing the EU debt, because servicing the KPO, which was supposed to cost 900 million euros in 2023, will cost 2.5 billion euros. Moreover, it is not known – these are the opinions – who will pay off this debt. And when the time comes to get down to business and solve the real problems, by introducing the idea of ​​forced deportation of immigrants, the topic is discussed in order to divert attention. However, I hope that common sense will prevail and that the EU countries will reject this bad idea, and the debate will end.

What countries can support Poland when it comes to rejecting this idea?

– When it comes to supporting our position, we can count on the Baltic countries, and certainly Scandinavia. Although the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, is Swedish, the Swedish government, which holds the EU presidency, is in right hands. That’s why the blockage is likely to come from there as well. In addition, for example Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy will also not agree to manipulate the issue of opening Europe up to illegal immigrants and their forced resettlement. Therefore, there is a good chance that a bloc of countries will be created that are aware of what the arrival of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa smells like.

How does the European Commission not want to help Poland, which has accepted millions of war refugees from Ukraine, opening its doors and pockets wide to illegal economic migrants?

– This only shows that the Poles are open to help people who need it, and the Poles have nothing against war refugees, to whom we have opened not only borders, but also the doors of our homes. However, the situation is different in the case of illegal immigrants, whose arrival in Europe must be stopped. We know very well what entails the arrival in Christian Europe of followers of other religions, especially Islamists, who are not friendly towards the indigenous population of Europe. more and more people,
In France, for example, he claims that it is impossible to live near Islamists, because they are disrupting order, and moreover, they are trying to impose their norms by force.

Failure to consent must be associated with serious financial constraints – €22,000 per rejected immigrant…

“This is indeed the idea. In the meantime, let me remind you that the European Union gave us only 200 euros for one war refugee from Ukraine. Please note the lack of consistency. You can also see what this idea smells like – colloquially. Therefore, I think that This is a very unfair measure, but also unenforceable by the European Commission.

At the beginning of our conversation, I emphasized that the government of the United Right will oppose the idea of ​​​​forcible deportation of immigrants, which was also expressed by the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kaminsky. But what if the opposition takes over the government in Poland?

– The position of the Polish government is consistent here and imposing anything on us by force is unacceptable. However, if the scenario outlined by the editor materializes, it must be clearly stated that there will be consent for the forced resettlement of immigrants to Poland. Let me just remind you that Donald Tusk, as President of the European Council, threatened and even scolded Poland and the Poles, saying that refusal to accept immigrants would inevitably have financial consequences, and added that these are the rules in Europe. And nothing has changed here, and Donald Tusk will open his arms to these proposals of the European Union, because this is really German policy,
Not the entire European Union. Incidentally, manpower needs in Germany are still high, and there is a problem with this and we all know that, which is why Berlin is trying – in a camouflaged way – to play a game of interests hence the idea presented by Commissioner Johansson.

What are the risks of Poland agreeing to the forced resettlement of migrants from North Africa
And the Middle East?

– This means that we will have to build camps and campuses for these people, because it is difficult to anticipate their desire to work. They – as pictures from Western Europe show – focus on a large social community, because that is what they come to Europe for. On the other hand, Polish welfare will definitely not meet their expectations, so they may be trying to escape
and reach Germany or France, which would threaten to destabilize the internal situation in Poland. In Poland, there is no shortage of left-wing politicians offering a similar approach to the issue of immigrant admission as the European Commission, who – as we know – pay a lot of money to the smugglers who bring them to Europe. As you can see, it will only involve problems and expenses and will not benefit these people, moreover, one would expect to make new and larger demands for benefits, etc. In short, this is not good.

What’s more, it’s not about people who – like the Ukrainians – are fleeing bombs
The Russian attack…

– We are dealing with an attempt to destroy Europe, which the European Union authorities have seized. This global destruction of Europe continues, and is being carried out by various powers. They were once terrorists, and now they could be people who were sent to Europe on inspiration, say, from Russia. This was best illustrated by the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border before the war and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where the Putin and Lukashenko regimes sent Muslim immigrants, trying to destabilize Poland and Europe. Then we were able to oppose him and now, as long as we rule in Poland, we will not agree to destabilization of the state either.

Thank you for the conversation.

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