Not the best performance of the Polish rowers at the start of the European Championships in Slovenia. All settlements get an extra run

Polish rowers began competing at the European Championships in Slovenia. In Bled, none of the settlements managed to enter the finals. On Thursday, the four men’s doubles world champions gave their performance. On Friday, the representatives of Poland will have additional rounds. In the following days, performances for other Polish teams in the European Championships.

None of the Polish crew managed to win a direct promotion to the finals during the first day of the European Rowing Championships held in Bled, Slovenia.

Last year’s world champions in doubles four: Fabian Barraski, Mateusz Biskup, Dominik Zaga and Miroslav Ziotarski They are the main podium favorites in the regatta in Slovenia. In their career, they lost slightly to the Netherlands, and reached the semi-finals George Kowalski And Daniel Giza. Both rowers did not have many opportunities to train together, but nevertheless finished second in the qualifying race.

Peter Buminsky was the fourth in Lukas Sawicki– Third, in lightweight. In two parts without coxwin – Victor Chappelle And Michael Czbakowski They took the third. Krzysztof Kasparek and Szymon Bosnik They finished fourth in doubles on their debut. Mikołaga Borda, Mateusz Wilangowski, Łukasz Posyłajka and Emilian Jackowiak Also on Friday.

White and red consist of: Adam Wonyak, Wojciech Szoarek, Przemyslaw Wanat, Damian Jozefovich, Jerzy Kaczmarek, Piotr Joszak, Mikołaj Januszewski, Oskar Streich, Thomas Skorzynski (Helmsman) finished last as well as the double four (Polina Czerzanowska, Joanna Dittmann, Isabella Gajek, Barbara Strange)and two without coxswain Barbara Jechorek and Anna Putrzewska.

Olympic runner-up finished fourth Of the double four: Katarzyna Zillmann and Marta Wieliczko And a lightweight one Jessica Sobusinska

in the lightweight doubles Katarzyna Wina and Martina Raduz finished second,

Olga Michakevich, Katarzyna Boruc, Zuzana Lesnar, and Victoria Kaimircak ranked third.
Replays are scheduled for Friday morning, with the first finals taking place on Saturday. (PAP)


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