Not so bad in the afternoon. Two Polish teams at the World Cup finals in Poznan. Olympic runner-up with an extra chance

In the afternoon, Polish kayakers presented themselves from a decent side. Two teams advanced to the finals. Martyna Klatt and Helena Wiśniewska in the K2500m and duo rowers Adrian Kłos and Kacper Sieradzan over the non-Olympic distance of 1000m. The competition in Poznań is part of the World Cup. Finals on Saturday.

In the morning session, the Polish kayakers did very well. Five settlements advanced to the World Cup Final in Poznan. They also wanted to keep the series alive in the afternoons.

They presented themselves from the exciting side on Polish waters Martyna Klatt and Helena Wiśniewska. Canoeists win the K2500m event, sensationally defeating Olympic and world champions – Karolina Nga and Anna PulawskaWhich will start in the semi-finals.

At the previous competition in Szeged, the winners took second place. Polish women sail together for a short time.

There is certainly relief and such peace, but we will humbly prepare for the final. The fact that we were cruising next to each other on the track is nothing new, as we often start that way during training

Martina Klatt told PAP

Kayakers have also raced in another Olympic K1500m competition – Justyna Iskrzyka and Sandra Ostrowska. The Polish women will sail in the semi-finals on Saturday.

Two Canadians also reached the finals By Adrienne Kloss and Casper Siradzan at a non-Olympic distance of 1000 metres. Rafal Rosolsky In the single scull over 1000 metres, he was fourth in the semi-final and would only appear in the B-final.
Lukas Witkowski He competes in one of the 1,000. The boatswain won his semi-final, but it turned out that he was underweight and was disqualified.

Canadians also competed in doubles in the new Olympic 500-meter distance. Wiktor Glazunow and Tomasz Barniak Also in second place Norman Zezolla and Alexander Kitowski in his qualifying race. Both teams will advance to the semi-finals. In singles over 500 m Arsen Śliwiński and Oleksii Koliadych They were also in second place, which allowed them to advance to the semi-finals. In women’s singles at the C1 500 Angelika Dorozyńska and Patricia Mendelska He will play in the semi-finals.

Two Polish crews competed in the 500m doubles – Wojciech Pilarz, Wiktor Leszczyński and Jakub Stepun with Bartosz Grabowski. The Poles will have to fight an extra race

The first finals are scheduled for Saturday morning.


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