“NiKo will destroy another IGL”. Sihe’s transition to G2 is approaching

Szkaradek is the leader of GamerLegion, a finalist of the BLAST.tv Major in Paris. The pole delighted millions of fans at this tournament, as well as the best organizations in the world. As a captain, he led his team to such a great result and, moreover, individually presented himself really well.

Pee into the G2 goal

As a result of this result, the 20-year-old started to get interested in the best formations in the world. Among them will be G2, a team made up of world-class stars – Nikola “Nico” Kovac and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. However, this team lacks a leader who, in addition to leading the team, could also shoot very well. Siuhy is the perfect candidate to replace Rasmus “HooXie” Nielsen.

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