New conditions for expectant mothers and their babies. Polsat Foundation helped

On June 3, 2023, the maternity ward of the maternity ward renovated by the Polsat Foundation at the Boveat Health Center in Otok was officially opened. The place hasn’t been renovated in 58 years.

Until now, women gave birth in one delivery room. There was a lack of intimacy at such an important event as the birth of a child. There was no toilet, shower or air conditioning in the room. Only one room was set up for family births, which meant that relatives could not always be present at the birth. Polsat decided to change that.

The maternity ward at Otok District Health Center has not been refurbished in 58 yearsSo it’s easy to imagine how necessary it is. In 2022 alone, 640 babies will be born in the maternity ward. Thanks to regeneration, subsequent births can take place in decent conditions for future mothers and employees. It is very important to ensure the greatest possible comfort and safety for mothers and children “And I hope we will be able to do that,” he says. Christina Aldridge Hulk, President, Polsat Foundation.

Polsat Foundation launched a group

The renovation cost PLN 4.5 million. There are currently three single delivery rooms with bathroom equipped with shower and air conditioning. In addition, two prenatal rooms and an operating room with modern equipment were built. A neonatal resuscitation room has been set up next to the room. There are also toilets with showers for the staff.

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Polsat Foundation She also purchased portable CTG screening equipment, which allows the patient to move freely while the baby’s heart rate is monitored.

Funds are still needed to equip the rooms. Especially for this Polsat Foundation launched a group.

The renovation of medical facilities in the so-called small homelands, that is, small towns, is part of the mission of the Polsat Foundation, which provides individual assistance for its fees on a daily basis.

Opening of a new birth block Along with a family picnic on the occasion of “Children’s Day” in City Park. For the youngest residents of Otwock and the surrounding area there are: a concert by ENEJ, a concert by Magda Bereda, dance workshops with Tomasz Barański, and many other attractions, including competitions with prizes, environmental workshops, face painting, inflatables, nitro ice cream, eco mural and many more.

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