NBP as a partner in the PiS campaign? “In this way, Mr. Glabinski violates the authority of the institution.”

We have the third highest inflation rate in Europe this year. Meanwhile, the National Bank of Poland is participating in the campaign before the elections, and this is not written in the constitution. Banners and “ground buses” explain to Poles that Putin and the pandemic are responsible for inflation.

Banners explaining to Poles that causes of hyperinflation must be sought in the war in Ukraine and that the COVID-19 pandemic is showing up in NBP branches across the country. Plus – the so-called “ground buses” took to the streets, at the moment in Warsaw. – I think that Mr. Glapiński seriously infringes on the central institution, which is the Polish National Bank, – believes Andrzej Rosniek, deputy from the parliamentary constituency of the Democratic Left.

The fight against inflation is not going well for the head of the NBP. – We have the highest and third highest inflation in Europe this year and probably the highest in Europe next year – Ludwik Kotecki, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, said on ZET radio.

On Thursday, Adam Glabinski received an award from the pro-government media for his “constant interest in the value of Polish money”. The president’s actions are similarly evaluated by right-wing politicians. When the “Fakty” TVN team asked who was responsible for inflation, the words were slightly different from what was written on the NBP signs. – Putin and EU policy, climate policy “Fit for 55” is to blame for inflation – enumerates Marcin Warczew, Deputy Minister of Justice from sovereign Poland.

– I don’t know why anyone would need a central bank that says “if it’s not inflation for us” – said Professor Joanna Terwich, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, on May 22 on TVN24.

Zandberg on the causes of high inflation in Poland. “President Glabinski’s action was late and irrational”TVN24

Their man at NBP

Why didn’t the banners go up when inflation was at its highest level and just a few months before the election? – This is a manifestation of the powerlessness of the ruling elite, to which Professor Glabinsky belongs, – explains Professor Pawej Wojciechowski, former Minister of Finance, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Public Finance. – We are dealing with severe politicization of the Central Bank at the moment. I can say that the masks have fallen off.

This is a public institution’s use of party lies, electoral lies, says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, President of the PSL.

Additionally – aside from the banners – the president, who usually praises the government at conventions, has recently allowed a revision of the pre-election promises of PiS and the PO. It turns out that the latter are several times more expensive, so they will stimulate inflation. He just missed the point that the PO plans to issue anti-inflationary bonds. No wonder the opposition. – He was an employee of the Law and Justice party and moved to the department of the National Bank of Poland. He is simply Kaczyński’s command executor – explains Marcin Kierwiński, PO MP.

The National Bank of Poland is theoretically an independent, non-political institution.

Main image source: TVN Facts

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