Mother’s Day Wishes 2023 (SMS, Songs, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger). Funny, serious, funny, touching wishes

Wishes for Mother’s Day 2023. Funny, Touching, Funny, Serious Messages Wishes

You were always with me when you put me to sleep. do you remember? Just then, at your bedside, you were reading fairy tales with a motherly gesture. I was in health and disease, in happiness and suffering. You spared no words of appreciation for me, even when I remained in the shadows for the sake of others. You sang songs to me when I was a little sad. You brought beautiful colors to life. You taught me to speak frankly. You taught me how to be open in my life. For all this, on this special day, I want to thank you, my dear mom.

Today for you, mom, the golden sun shines,
A colorful butterfly sat on the window for you.
Today for you, mom, colorful clouds are pouring in,
And the wind arranges them in Christmas cards.
Today for you, mom, a bird sings on the maple
And to smell the scent of flowers in a vase today.
Today my dear mother you have a smiling face,
Let this great celebration continue all year long.

The time the wheel spins quickly
Year after year goes by quickly,
With best wishes Ibn Cahed,
You may just get lucky!

I love you Mom!
To be able to smile even when life is cold and stormy.
To teach me to enjoy the little things as the greatest gifts of fate.
For the fact that the simplest dish served to you tastes better than the one found in the most luxurious restaurants.
For your fondest memories.
Because everything is easier with you.
So you…

dear mother,
Be cheerful and happy!
May all good things serve you,
Live calmly and without storm.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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