More than 250 million euros in assets. Who will inherit Tina Turner’s fortune?

In 2022, the Swiss business magazine “Bilans” estimated the net worth of Tina Turner at 250 million Swiss francs (about 257 million euros). The legendary artist has sold over 200 million records. Her last tour in 2008 grossed over $130 million. The media are trying to decide who – except for the star’s husband – will be the heir to her fortune.

Millions after the deceased artist will certainly be inherited by her husband, Erwin Bach, with whom she has been linked for almost 40 years. “But not only him. It is possible that there will be other people among the heirs” – the portal reserves.

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No other soloist has sold more concert tickets in her career

With over 200 million records sold, Tina Turner is considered one of the most successful singers of all time. She also got into the Guinness Book of Records – no other soloist has sold more concert tickets in her career than Turner, confirms. The artist was born in the southern US state of Tennessee. Since joining Erwin Bach in 1986, she has lived in Europe. Bach worked in the music industry at that time – he was a music producer and head of the Swiss branch of the EMI record label, he participated in the production of albums by David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney.

Tina Turner and her husband, Erwin Bach, in MilanPAP/PA

The couple lived briefly in Germany (where Bach is from) and in 1994 moved permanently to Switzerland. “Erwin Bach had a huge impact on Turner and her career, he supported her as a husband, manager, confidant and even saved her life,” confirms 20 Minutes. Bach was by Turner’s side until the very end – even when “she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and suffered a stroke in 2013. By donating his kidney, he saved Tina Turner’s life.” Turner waited for success for a long time, and achieved it only with her fifth solo album – “Private Dancer”. This album was a huge success: it sold about 20 million copies worldwide, which brought the artist 23 million dollars from the USA alone. The accompanying tour in 1985 brought in an additional $7 million. The singer who was on the wave can no longer be stopped – he adds 20 minutes. Within a few years, she has amassed a fortune of approximately $50 million US dollars.

The last concert tour

After 50 years in show business, Tina Turner embarked on her final tour in 2008. “This farewell on stage brought her another $130 million in her bank account,” reports 20 Minutes. In October of last year, Turner sold the rights to her music, stage name, and image to Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) — an estimated gain of up to $150 million. In 2022, the Swiss business magazine “Pilans” estimated her fortune at 250 million Swiss francs (about 257 million euros). It is not officially known how the property of the millionaire star will be distributed. And it will certainly go to the widower – the 67-year-old Bach.

Children of Tina Turner

Turner’s biological children, sons Ronald and Craig, are no longer alive. The star also had two adopted sons (children of the star’s first husband, Ike Turner, from his previous relationship): Michael and Ike Jr. 20 Minutes writes: “It may be assumed that these two persons were included in Turner’s will.” So are Tina Turner’s two granddaughters, whose privacy they guard.

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