More characters in the Alley of Volleyball Stars in Katowice! Franchise of Polkomtel Sp. z oo – In addition to the network operator

In the Alley of Volleyball Stars, successive Polish representatives let go of their hands. The ceremony was preceded by a friendly match between Poland and Germany, which was held in Spodek. A special place in the Alley of Volleyball Stars was also given to the long-term sponsor of the Polish national team, Polkomtel Sp. z oo – Network Operator Plus.

On May 25, in Spodek in Katowice, the volleyball players of the Polish national team will open the season with a friendly match against Germany. Before that can happen, more memorial plaques have been unveiled in the Alley of Volleyball Stars.

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This year, the current and former representatives of Poland in the persons of Aleksander Alewka, Mateusz Pejiczek, Bartosz Kwolik, Dorota Świniewicz, Majorzata Glinka and Pawek Babki left their hands.

A special shield was also awarded to the activities of the long-term sponsor of the White and Reds – Polkomtel Sp. z oo, a Plus network operator.

Alley of Volleyball Stars is located in Katowice at al. Korfantego was inaugurated in May 2017. Its purpose is to commemorate the outstanding personalities and organizations that contribute to the development of volleyball in Poland.

This respected group includes many state representatives and coaches. What’s more – on the boulevard there is also an unusual bench, on which there is an exact copy of the World Championship trophy won by the Poles in 2014. This victory took place in the neighboring Spodek, which is also called the “Mecca of Polish volleyball”.

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