Memorials across the country

Thursday 25 May 2023 (17:05)

May 25, 2023 at 21.30 – at the hour of death of Captain Witold Pilecki was killed in a prison in the Mokotów district of Warsaw by decision of a communist court – candles of remembrance will be lit throughout the country.

Memorial candles across the country:

– Monastery of Al-Warniyeh. Bernardine
– Belchatow, ul. Captain Witolda Pilecki 4 – Under the memorial plaque
– Biaystok, Ton Cinema at Rynek Kościuszki 2, a painting dedicated to slain soldiers of the anti-communist underground
– Bialystok, XI LO im. Captain W. Pilecki in ul. A. Grottgera 9, where the school’s patron is commemorated
– Bochnia (Małopolskie Voivodeship), Rynek 2 – Commemorative plaque
– Bydgoszcz, ul. Belki is born
Czestochowa, Al. Wolnoci 33 – Custom board for RTM. Belki is born
– Gdańsk, Captain W. Bielecki Monument next to the Museum of World War II
– Gorzo Wielkopolski, Memorial to Captain W. Pilecki
– Gryfino, mural dedicated to Witold Pilecki
– Jodłówka (Malopolskie Voivodeship), memorial plaque to Captain Witold Pilecki in the Public Primary School. Captain Witold Bielecki
– Katowice, shield dedicated to captain named Witold Pilecki in the square after captain Witold Pilecki
– Kierz Niedzwiedz Commemorative plaque in front of the primary school building. Captain Witold Pilecki at Kierz Bear
– Koszalin, memorial to Captain W. Pilecki in ul. Pileckiego 8 (9.30 pm) and a symbolic grave at the municipal cemetery at ul. Gnieznienska 44, Quarters 45-53, Row 9, Grave No. 32
– Koszalin, monument to Captain Witold Pilecki in ul. Captain Witold Pilecki 8
– Krakow, under the bust of Captain W. Bielecki in the 20th Century Poles Hall in Jordan Park
– Krasusin under the memorial plaque located in the building of the complex of educational institutions named after Captain Witold Bielecki in Krasusin
Lublin, Lublin Castle
– Łagiewniki (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), monument to Witold Pilecki, square between Kłodzka and Nadrzeczna streets
– Nielepice (Little Poland Voivodeship)
– Nowy Wiśnicz (Malopolskie Voivodeship), Manor House in Koryznówka
– Olsztynck, memorial shield of primary school No. 2. Captain Witold Pilecki in the ul. Ostroda 2
– Opole, monument to Captain Witold Pilecki in ul. Captain Witold Bielke
– Oświęcim, memorial at Malopolska State University named after Captain Witold Bilecki
– Połczyn-Zdrój (West Pomerania Province), plaque on the square at ul. March 5 near the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
– Poznań, in the arcades of the courtyard of the Dominican monastery, under the plaque commemorating the captain. Bieliki
– Radom, under the memorial plaque of Captain Witold Bielecki placed on the building of the automobile school complex in Radom, patron of this school.
– Rzeszów, under the memorial plaque in the area of ​​Franciszek Kotula’s residence in Rondo im. Captain Witold Bielke
– Szczecin, Rotary Captain Witold Pilecki
Shrem, Urim Foundry Park, under the Capt. Pilecki Monument.
Tyniec (Little Poland Voivodeship)
Warsaw, Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Prisoners of the People’s Republic of Poland
– Warsaw, Polowzki Military Cemetery – the symbolic grave of Captain Witold Pilecki in “Kwater na Łką”
– Warsaw, Monument to Captain Witold Pilecki at Aleja Wojska Polskiego in Żoliborz in Warsaw 12.00
– Wieluń (Łódź Voivodeship) – at the bust in the park. Captain W. Pilecki
– Wrocław, the monument to Witold Pilecki, which is located on the Old Town Promenade
– Żyznów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) – their primary school. Captain Witold Pilecki – Plaque commemorating the captain. W. Pilecki

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