Magda Narwina shows off her villa and her car. Watch how the disco polo star lives

Magda Narwina loves her car. A few years ago, she bought a luxury Lexus, claiming that it was her dream car. She is faithful to him to this day. The car has a great engine and the driver can’t complain about the lack of power. In turn, we can admire the interiors of Magda Narożna’s house many times thanks to her Instagram account. The singer loves to show off the inside of her home, and she has something to brag about.

Magda Narwina has been driving the Lexus LS 500h on a daily basis for several years. The car has a hybrid engine. Under the hood we find a 3.5-liter V6 engine and a modern electric motor with a total power of 359 hp. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds.

تعيش Magda Narożna منذ عدة سنوات في منزل كبير جميل بالقرب من omża. لقد عرضته بالفعل في برنامج “سؤال على الفطور” على TVP وعلى ملفها الشخصي على Instagram.

ماجدة وداود ناروني هما الزوجان الأكثر شهرة ديسكو بولو. كزوج وزوجة ، عاشوا معًا لمدة 7 سنوات.

تعتبر Magda Narożna ، التي نشأت بالقرب من Łomża ، أشهر مغنية لموسيقى البولو في الديسكو. يغني في فرقة Piękni i Młodych. تأسس الفريق عام 2012. بدأوا باللعب في حفلات الزفاف ، لكن سرعان ما تقدمت حياتهم المهنية.

The careers of both Magda and David have not slowed down. Dawid Narożny was removed from the Piekni i Młodych band. He was replaced by Daniel Biczak. Dawid started a solo career. Recently, both Dawid and Magda have released music videos in which they bite each other. Fans argue in the comments under the songs on YouTube, whose songs are their best.

Magda and David have organized a private life with new partners. The chosen singer is Krzysztof Byniak, and Dawid’s partner is Joanna.

Magda Narona from the band Piekni i Młodych has a very popular Instagram account. It is followed by as many as 164,000 people

Recently, David Naroni became a father for the second time. In turn, in June, the singer revealed that she was engaged to Krzysztof in Rome while directing the cast of “Questions for Breakfast.” It seems that he was very romantic, although the engagement was a surprise.

Magda Narona has a very popular Instagram account (up to 164,000 people follow her), where she shows off her family life, holidays, home or car. Recently, she presented her beautiful home and beautiful garden in the TVP program “A Question for Breakfast”. In the same program, we learned about her engagement.

ماجدة ناروينا شبه عارية في CKM. الجلسة الأكثر جرأة في …

مؤخرا ، اعترفت ماجدة ناروينا في مقابلة مع “فاكت” بأن لديها الكثير من العمل في الآونة الأخيرة.
– لحسن الحظ ، تم رفع الحظر عن تنظيم المناسبات الخاصة. لذلك ، في شهر يونيو ، نلعب فقط في حفلات الزفاف وأعياد الميلاد واحتفالات الذكرى السنوية. كان لدينا بعض التحفظات من العام الماضي ، ولكن كانت هناك أيضًا تحفظات جديدة. هناك عشرات منهم في يونيو. نذهب بعيدًا في نهاية كل أسبوع ، وبفضل ذلك يمكننا التعافي ماليًا – قال Narożna.

ماجدة ناروينا هي واحدة من أشهر مطربي البولو في الديسكو. يغني في فرقة “Piękni i Młodych”

The Beautiful and Young rose to fame in 2015, when they introduced themselves on the seventh edition of the Must be the Music show. Currently, Piękni i Młodych is a real hit mark. They recorded such hits as “No Faith”, “Delicious”, “She’s So Cool”, “One Word”, “I Love You” and many others. Piękni i Młodych appeared on episode 438 of the talk show Kuba Wojewódzki.

The star of the band “Piękni i Młodych” lives in a village in the Lomza region. Her residence is really impressive!

Magda Naruna has featured her home on “A Question for Breakfast” and on “Deutsch Dobre TVN”. It is definitely something to be proud of! look at the pictures!

Watch Magda Narwina’s House:

إنه يحدث في بولندا وفي العالم – اقرأ على

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