Magda Lynette sent a message to the fans

“Dear ones, my health hasn’t allowed me to continue my adventure in doubles. I need to focus on healing my injuries so I can enjoy the game again. Thank you all for the warm words of support, it’s very important to me,” Polka wrote on her Instastories.

Linette has a surprise for fans

“RG is just blooming, many great matches await us! Go! Iga, Magdalena and Hubi! Note: the question about the balls was not accidental, I have a few for you. I just need to think about how to give them to you “- added Magda Linette in her message to the fans . The tennis player noticed that she has many balls, which she intends to give to her fans.

Magada Linette on Instastories (Photo: Magada Linette/Instastories/Instagram)

Continuation of the article under the video

31 years old Polish tennis player Losing to Leila Fernandez She said she wondered what to do next. She noted that she does not regenerate as often as she would like, which is why she lost a little battle with time.

Linette plans to focus on her health to come back stronger

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