Lex Tusk. “We will do everything we can to ensure that this political stick finally strikes those who fight with these shameful weapons.”

I wanted to see the faces of those who violate the Constitution again, – said Donald Tusk, who watched the vote on the so-called Lex Tusk. The parliamentary committee investigates Russian influences, but it can also exclude politicians unsuitable for PiS from public life. The commission just got the green light.

With the opposition, the Law and Justice Party adopted the law that was written – and no one is hiding it here – because of one person who was in the plenary hall during the vote. – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said: – If Mr. Donald is so afraid, he must have something behind his ears.

– Today I saw cowards voting for the committee to eliminate their most dangerous opponent. Our response will be courage – Donald Tusk’s assessment.

The law – already called lex Tusk – would allow the appointment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate Russian influence in Poland, and this has been happening since 2007, when Donald Tusk was prime minister. – Reset with Russia was made by Civic Platform. Donald Tusk was the face of this reset, Bartomeg Wroblewski, an MP for the Law and Justice party, believes. This is a narrative promoted by both the Law and Justice Party and state television.

Budka: This bill is Kaczynski’s great cheeseTVN24

Opposition whip?

The next step is to be the commission, more precisely its ruling. Condemnation, the opposition argues. – A legal tumor called the Committee for Checking Russian Influence is nothing more than a mechanism for eliminating politicians unsuitable for the Law and Justice party. In the front row, of course, said Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, PO MP, Donald Tusk.

It is about this specific article of the law, which gives the committee the possibility to prevent a person from “performing functions related to the disposal of public funds for a period of up to 10 years.” In other words – the prohibition of holding public office such as the Prime Minister, President of the Republic, Minister or Deputy. – This law directly contradicts the Polish constitution. Mishaw Worikiewicz, a lawyer with the Free Courts Foundation, says he is establishing a quasi-judicial body that will administer justice.

The Law and Justice party cares about the time, because even before the elections – already in September – it intends to publish the first conclusions of the commission’s work. – After the elections, I hope that this committee will continue its work, – explains Radoslaw Vogel, spokesman for the Law and Justice party. When asked if it was possible to form the committee earlier, he replied: Yes, had it not been for the obstruction of a large part of the opposition.

Tusk: We have a strategy for this committee

Tusk: We have a strategy for this committeeTVN24

Everything is in the hands of the president

The composition of the 9-member committee is chosen by the House of Representatives. It is not only dealing with politicians, but – as law and justice party deputies admit – also with the media, and there too to study “Russian influences”. “It would be nice to have someone watch her.” Of course, relevant institutions are watching. Even the National Broadcasting Council, but it seems to me that special regulations even in this area would be useful at a time of threat from Russian imperialism, says Yaroslav Zelensky, a member of parliament for the Law and Justice party.

– We know that the Law and Justice party wants to deal with the opponents and pass Lex Tusk in addition to that it wants to deal with the media. I have no doubt that this government will turn its blade towards free media in the last months before the elections – warns Cezary Tomczyk, deputy deputy.

The bill will now go to the president’s desk. The opposition hopes Andrzej Duda will veto it. PiS – he will sign it. – I’m sure the president also understands that the matter is important, – says Bartomeg Wroblewski. – We will do everything so that this political cudgel finally hits those who fight with these shameful weapons – declared Marcin Kierwiński, Member of Parliament for the PO.

The opposition has already announced that it will boycott the Commission’s work.

Main image source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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