Lex Tusk in the House of Representatives. Deputies decided

234 parliamentarians voted in favor of rejecting the Senate’s decision, 219 were against, and one abstained. The absolute majority was 228 deputies.

A stormy debate in the House of Representatives

Before the vote, KO Club President Boris Budka spoke. – At the outset, Budka said, he deserves to welcome the former President of the European Council, President Donald Tusk, referring to the Labor leader’s presence in the Parliament hall for an audience. Then the KO deputies exclaimed: “Donald Tusk, Donald Tusk.”

– I ask for a vacation so that you can reconsider voting on this disgraceful Bolshevik law. But above all, the break is a suggestion to PiS chairman Jaroslav Kaczynski not to hide in the back, but to go out and have such an ordinary conversation, because this law is a big coward for Kaczynski, who wants to eliminate his biggest rival. But there are more of us, – said Boudka. He added that “on June 4 in Warsaw we will show that you are losing and will lose these elections and that such Bolshevik laws will not help you.” “We will win, we will win,” opposition MPs chanted.

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In response, MP 艁ukasz Schreiber of the Law and Justice Party assessed that accusing President Kaczy艅ski of cowardice was “simply unworthy”. – Do not be afraid and do not be upset. We do not judge everyone and do not act as you judge everyone by your standards. This is not a commission directed against anyone. He stressed that this is a call for truth, respect and strengthening of the constitution and sovereignty.

Finally, the Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Department and the Home Affairs Committee, Jan Szubinski, spoke from the left. – said the left-wing deputy: – All those who, together with the Senate, will vote for the rejection of this bill, vote for Polish democracy, vote for our country to be free, for justice here.

commission for the bill

On December 13, 2022, the first reading of a bill establishing a state commission to investigate Russian influence on Poland’s internal security in the years 2007-2022 was held in the Sejm. The House of Representatives passed the law on April 14.

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On May 11, the Senate voted to reject the bill. Therefore, the bill was returned to Parliament.

On May 24, members of the House Home Affairs and Administration Committee voted in favor of the Senate’s resolution to reject the bill. This fact was treated as a failure of the law and justice politicians, who were the originators of the creation of the Commission.

Committee to Investigate Russian Influence

Colloquially, the law creating a commission to investigate Russian influence is called “Lex Tusk.” Opposition deputies see the main premise of the legal code as the removal of Donald Tusk from Polish politics.

The commission will operate on similar principles to those established by the Warsaw Verification Commission for Revenge.

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The commission’s task is to investigate cases of “public officials or members of the upper management who, in the years 2007-2022, acted, under Russian influence, to the detriment of the interests of the Republic of Poland”.

The decisions that the committee can take include: canceling an administrative decision issued as a result of Russian influence, issuing a ban on performing tasks related to the disposal of public funds for a period of up to 10 years, and withdrawing and banning the security permit for a period of 10 years.

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