Lewis Hamilton on his alleged departure to Ferrari: – Journalists are fed up

Lewis Hamilton has denied rumors of a move to Ferrari, calling some journalists bored after the Emilia-Romagna race was cancelled. Recent reports have claimed that Hamilton has been offered around £40 million ($49 million) to join Ferrari as his contract with Mercedes expires this year.

“Of course when negotiating contracts there will always be speculation,” Hamilton told the media. I think maybe because last weekend, with the race being cancelled, maybe some of the journalists got bored.

My team works closely behind the scenes with Toto Wolff. We are about to finalize the contract. With a team to take care of this, I can just do my job. This is a much better situation than before because I remember negotiating on my own and it was very stressful. Now you don’t have to do that anymore.

ferrari team manager, Fred VasseurHe denied reports that his team was preparing to offer Lewis Hamilton a contract for next year.

“As you know at this point in the season you will have a different story every week about driver changes, and we don’t send an offer to Lewis Hamilton. We don’t.

When asked if Ferrari had been in talks with Hamilton over a deal, Vasseur, who has worked with the Mercedes driver in his junior career, said he had spoken to Hamilton a lot but not about the contract. “If you talk to Hamilton, it’s because I’ve talked to him for the last 20 years – I’ve discussed things almost every weekend with Lewis. I don’t want to stop talking to him because you’re hounding me about a contract offer.

Ferrari currently has its two drivers Carlos Sainz And Charles Locklear relating to contracts until the end of 2024. Vasseur said the team is focused on getting the car up to speed and there is no rush to discuss plans with drivers once their contracts are up.

Vasseur said: “The most important thing is that we agreed that we will discuss contracts later and I don’t want to change that because there are rumors that Louis may come, Charles may leave and Carlos may leave.” our plan.

The first images of Mercedes’ facelifted Formula 1 car have emerged in Monaco as the team begins preparations to launch the new parts for the first time this weekend. Mercedes introduces revised side legs, front suspension and a new floor for the Monaco Grand Prix, marking a new direction for the team.

The original plan was to make improvements from last weekend’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, but the race was canceled due to flooding in northern Italy. The new parts were flown to Monaco, and the sidewalls and engine covers attracted attention in the pit lane as the team worked to prepare the cars for Friday’s practice session.

The tight nature of the Monaco circuit and the way track conditions develop over the weekend means it will not be ideal for Mercedes’ upgrades, but the team still believes it will gain a performance advantage with the new parts.

“The revised calendar means that Monaco is now the starting point for the European part of the season,” said team principal Toto Wolff. This only event.

Lewis Hamilton, who is currently fourth in the standings with five podium finishes, said he was impressed by his team’s motivation. They haven’t tried it yet and are very hungry. “I go back to the factory and see how hard everyone has been working. I feel like last year we were a bit lost in how to solve the problems we had. I feel like the team in front of them is now a pole star. They know exactly where they want to go, and we’re working together on how to get there.” there.

The amount of work that has been done is amazing and I am very, very grateful for their efforts. I was really excited to get in the car and feel those changes and I hope this puts us on the right track to go forward and try to catch up with the guys in front of us.

Hamilton Fellow George Russell Convinced that making updates to Monaco is the right decision “Of course we realize this is a unique circuit and we won’t read into the performance of the new updates this weekend show,” There are always outliers that perform better at a circuit like Monaco and teams that perform worse at Monaco. But in the end we are not designing a car that will be on top in Monaco. You look at some of the teams in the past, like Ferrari in the last 10 years, they’ve always been very strong here. So we just have to get through the weekend and do a review and when we get to Barcelona we’ll go from there.

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