Lewandowski changes club, Besco ends his career! The reshuffle period continues

Even though the league season at the back of PlusLiga has just come to an end, day in and day out there are fewer unknowns regarding the upcoming 2023/2024 games. TAURON 1.Liga clubs are starting to arm themselves, discovering more names of players who will soon define the strength of their teams. There has also been a series of farewell volleyball in many clubs.

Mickiewicz Kluczbork has already started building the squad for the 2023/2024 season. Coach Mariusz Cisiak will remain at the head of the team from the Opole region. To date, the club has announced that the contract has been extended by: Mateusz Linda (forward), Jan Simikovski (forward), Janusz Górski (receiver), Artur Pysinski (receiver), Arik Olczyk (centre), Michal Cisiak (libero) and team captain Konrad Mucha.

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For Konrad Micha, the next season will be the ninth in the colors of Mickiewicz Kloczburg. The midfielder is one of the key figures in the team. In the season that ended, he scored 237 points, including 88 hits, making him the third best blocker in League I TAURON. The club also announced that Jakub Lewandowski, a volleyball player for GKS Katowice, the 11th team in this year’s PlusLiga matches, will return to Kluczbork.

CHKS Arka Chełm volleyball players won promotion to TAURON 1. Liga this season. And the club announced on Friday that its fans would no longer see Jacob Besco. The host has been plagued by injuries lately, which is why he played as a libero in this year’s matches. However, now the volleyball player decided to end his career as a player.

A series of farewells has already been held in the ranks of the bronze medalist of the 2022/2023 Tauron 1. La Liga season, with which the coach Michel Masny has been cooperating. In the next season, the colors of BKS Visła Proline Bydgoszcz will not be defended by Max Elgert, Damian Wierzbicki, Tomasz Bonisławski, Michał Szczechowicz, Maciej Krysiak and Piotr Śliwka, that is, the gold medalist of the Cadet World Championships and Europe (2021) vice-champions (2022) ), and in particular the brother of the three-time Volleyball Champions League winner – Aleksander Śliwka.

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