Law and Justice MP Nowak appeals: This cannot be

– In the public interest, in the interest of children and young people, I ask and appeal to the probation officer to explain as soon as possible what this story is about, what the problem is – law and justice MP Miroslawa Stachowiak-Rusica said on the “Debate Program of the Day”. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science and Youth referred to the words of the Director of Education in Malopolska, Barbara Novak, about the Director of the High School in Tarnów.

In the program “Discussion of the Day” the situation was recalled from Tarnow. The principal of the local high school notified the family courtthat his student You may be exposed to domestic violence. It turns out he was right. – This girl’s mother has allegations of assaulting her minor daughter, who intervened Curator Barbara Nowak. The director has disciplinary action because he is accused of “entering the family” – stated the host of the program Agnieszka Gozdyra.

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The case could lead to a situation, said Miroslawa Stachowiak-Rusica, an MP from the Law and Justice party, “If another director had a shadow of doubt, he would say: I will not back down, because I will only get in trouble.”

– Definitely a question to be verified I appeal here, with the ladies, I think, to check it again as soon as possible, and to review it and change decisions. The Head of the Education, Science and Youth Committee added, the principal cannot be afraid to respond to such signals.

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Curator Barbara Novak’s appeal. “I hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.”

– That’s the procedure If we have a suspicion that something is happening in the center, in the school, in the familyIt is our duty to write to the court to gain insight into the family’s situation. Then the device starts. We are an institution, – said Daria Shmeil, director of the Kate Youth Social Therapy Center.

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According to Miroslawa Stachowiak Rusica, another principal or teacher sitting in front of the TV or reading such information might think that from now on, such reports would be best ignored.

– Of course it can’t be. For the common good, the good of children and young people, I ask you He invites the moderator to explain as soon as possible what this story is about and what the problem is. Sheer encouragement and motivation, supporting managers in these situations rather than the other way around. She concluded by saying that I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible.


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