Kosiniak-Kamysz: Minister Błaszczak is shaking and hacking

A closed meeting of the joint commissions of national defense and special services took place on Thursday, during which the Minister of National Defense was to present information about Poland’s security in connection with the discovery of missile remnants near Bydgoszcz.

However, this will not happen. “No to the events in the Chamber of Deputies. The deputies of the Chamber of Deputies announced that they will submit my request for resignation before hearing the explanations. Therefore, I decided to inform the committee that I will not give explanations at the meeting,” Mariusz Puszatak stated on Twitter.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: Blaszczak should resign

PSL President Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz referred to the case in Polsat News. According to him, Minister Puschatak “does not want to tell the truth about the missile or is afraid of the truth.”

– He’s trembling, he’s upset. If for four months he does not know that a missile capable of carrying a nuclear missile has fallen on Polish soil, then it is a shame. However, if he knew about it and was now trying to blame the army, it was a deep shame – in his assessment.

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According to the leader of the peasant party, “both are unqualified” for the minister, and for this he must resign from his post, but before that he must give “exhaustive explanations” to the deputies. “If there is conflict and loss of confidence between the minister and the generals, then this is devastating to our security,” he said.

Kosiniak-Kamisz noted that he “assured us for months that Poland is safe and not even a rat will slip across our borders, which is quite another matter, because more things are flying” over our country.

“This is something historical.” Wincenty Witos was acquitted of the sentence

The program also touched on the exoneration of Wincenty Witos. On Thursday, the Supreme Court acquitted him and nine other historic PSL and PPS leaders convicted in the 1930s Brest political trial.

– This is something unusual. For 90 years we have been fighting for truth and justice to prevail. On Thursday, the Supreme Court acquitted Wheatus and restored his good name. Brest court stain wash. This is something historical. This case is a lesson to us that no power can use public institutions, abuse the constitution, break the law – he enumerated it.

The PSL leader believes that justice “will decide the outcome sooner or later”. “Today’s ruling shows that there is always a chance to win and achieve justice, even if it takes 90 years,” he said.

Video: Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in the program “Guest of Events”

These are far-reaching words.

In the “Guest of Events” Kosiniek Kamysz tells about the speech of the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the Polish Sejm. – The anniversary of the terrible events in Volhynia is approaching. We understand your pain of losing your loved ones. I express my condolences to all the descendants of the victims, said Ruslan Stefanchuk.

We are ready and open to cooperation with Poland. Together we will search for and renew places for memory. The Ukrainian politician added that together, we will commemorate the names of those who lie in unmarked graves, both in Ukraine and Poland.

According to the guest, Bogdan Rymanovsky, “these are far-reaching words from the representative of the Ukrainian authorities.” – emphasized, of course, that they still do not accomplish what we strive for, that is, exhume the corpses from the graves, respect the victims of the Volyn massacre, and not build political popularity on hostility to Poland.

He stated that Poland supports Ukraine militarily and humanitarianly and will continue to do so. “But we have every right to expect our sensitivities in this matter to be respected.” Historical truth should be the basis for this cooperation. I am waiting for the word “Sorry” from the highest authorities in Ukraine – Reserved Kosiniak-Kamysz.

“Value 500 plus only for employees”

The PSL president also talked about valuing the +500 to +800 advantage. – Surveys show that this proposal does not arouse such enthusiasm as the same 500 plus in 2015. There are many people who, like us, believe that valorization should be for those who work. He indicated that at least one person in the family should be allowed to work.

He admitted that for him, “especially in a large family, a mother is a working woman, and not one job, but two jobs.” – In today’s market, finding a job is not a problem, so if a person really wants to work, then he should not have a problem with that – he concluded.

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