Kluzik-Rostkowska for “lex Tusk”: The verb was written for Russian clients

I consider the idea of ​​a commission to investigate Russian influences a major threat to state security, said Joanna Klusek Rostkowska, a member of the Civic Alliance, on TVN24. “I will not put myself before an unconstitutional body,” she said. She added that it was clear to her that PO leader Donald Tusk “would not appear before this committee”.

The Russian Influence Check Commission law, known as Lex Tusk, went into effect on Wednesday. President on Friday Andrey Duda He announced that he was preparing an amendment to the law. The draft has already been submitted to the House of Representatives. The president’s announcement comes just days after he signed a bill that has been criticized by many experts and politicians, and the United States has expressed great concern about it. United State and the European Union.

KO member Joanna Klusik-Rostkowska, since 2017 the head of the investigative team, was asked about the subject of the act and the commission’s appointment on Saturday in TVN24’s “One-on-One”. after threats to state security.

She said the commission is unconstitutional. – I consider the idea of ​​\u200b\u200b(creating – ed.) this committee as a great threat to state security, – she said.

– If you play in enemy territory, I mean Russian agents, then in reality there are always deep divisions. She said that this is one of the main arguments in Gerasimov’s doctrine. – If you play a Russian agent, there is nothing better than having nine members of the committee who have access to all possible confidential information. On this basis, any misleading information can be introduced to all of us here under the pretext that it is a leak to the Authority. If this law was written for something, then it was written for Russian agents – the MP’s assessment.

She was asked if she would appear before the committee if summoned. She replied, “I will not put myself before an unconstitutional body.” She also added that it was clear to her that the leader of the PO Donald Tusk He will not appear before this committee.”

Klusek Rostkowska: It is legitimate to ask what influence the president is subject to

She also referred to the decision of President Andrzej Duda. She assessed that he “presents himself as a dependent person”. – She said that it is very legitimate to ask what influences President Duda is undergoing, because on Monday he says something completely different than on Friday.

She added that the question is, “Who influenced President Duda before Monday when he decided to sign this law, then the next question: Who influenced President Duda four days later that he changed his mind about this law.”

Main image source: TVN24

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