KAWU it “Artistic disco polo”? The population is divided

Pozna KAWU artist’s graffiti is becoming more and more popular in the city space. Some people love them, others consider them vandalism. For several years, the artist has been painting mainly in the downtown parts of Poznań. He often draws characters from famous cartoons. Building walls and urban infrastructure elements serve as a medium for his works. Frequently, murals appear in neglected places.

KAWU murals are acts of vandalism?

Normally, KAWU does not have the consent of the owner of the facility on which the mural was created, which is why, from a legal point of view, its actions are considered an act of vandalism. In addition, his latest work, according to the creator of a Poznań-Bermuda Triangle profile, is an illegal advertisement promoting a rapper, and has been met with a strong response from the police, who often stop him while creating murals.

– From the point of view of the Regulations on the Protection of Antiquities and the Care of Antiquities, it is necessary to obtain a permit to make a mural in a protected area. If permission is not obtained, the offending law will be punished

– says Jacek Maleszka, Deputy Director of the Office for the Preservation of Municipal Monuments in the City of Krakow.

– in the field of conservation protection No application has yet been submitted for permission from the Municipal Preservation of Antiquities to make a mural in the form known as the artist’s execution using the pseudonym KAWU

Meanwhile, netizens are divided about the artist’s work. Some point out that there are places in Poznan where murals adorn the crumbling walls of buildings or transformer stations, summing it up with the statement that There will always be people who are dissatisfied with someone’s activities.

Others accuse him of not paying attention to his works, calling their appearance into question, moreover, there are really a lot of them in the central space of Poznań.

– Technically, these works are properly painted plaster. The characters are clumsy and this is the pinnacle of his artistic abilities. If a person has neither talent nor craft It’s something like “Technical polo”

– says the creator of the Poznaniator profile in his entry, commenting on the destruction of the facade of the tenement house on Podgórna Street.

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Another netizen mentioned that the collective creativity of KAWU’s works is caused by the media publicity that each of them achieves. – The level of what Kao copies is polar opposite of what appears on the wall. Another netizen said that the only exception is Rexio, which is the only mural that is reasonably painted.

Reksio himself, painted on Kościelna Street on the entrance wall of the historic shelter, caused a stir among lovers of history and antiquities.

– You must not put graffiti anywhere without permission, especially on monuments. If consent is not given, This is vandalism, regardless of what the mural depicts

– says Marcin Kentzer-Nowakowski, social worker and history enthusiast.

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