Its speed was exceeding 204 km / h. He was in a hurry with his daughter to the pool.

Police officers from the SPEED group of the Wroclaw Traffic Police arrested another road pirate. The man was speeding along the Wroclaw Pass at more than 204 km / h. As he explained, “He was in a hurry to go to the pool with his daughter.”

The video of the chasing driver was released by Wroclaw police as a warning.

You can see it Volkswagen carwho runs in the middle lane Bypass the motorway in Wroclaw.

look: Zbroslawice. The policeman grabbed the motorcycle by his feet. Drunk driver stopped

He was driving 40-year-old manwhich he mentioned Rushing “to the pool with my daughter”.

The driver exceeded the speed limit by more than 80 kilometers per hour. Fortunately, it wasn’t a built-up area, so he didn’t lose his driver’s license.

harsh mandate

But for your doing You will pay dearly. The police chase is over A fine of 2,500 PLN And 15 penalty points.

“I remember that one The main causes of road accidentsStill The speed does not adapt to the road conditionsThe police statement said.


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