It is known where the Czech Republic will play Albania

The Czech Football Association announced that the Czech national team will play a qualifying match for UEFA Euro 2024 against Albania at the Fortuna Arena in Prague on September 7. Jaroslav Silhavy’s team is Poland’s opponent in Group E.

The September match against Albania was the last for which the Czech Republic had not yet been allocated a place to host.

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And three days later, the Czechs will face Hungary in a friendly match in Budapest. On October 12, they will play for away points with Albania, and three days later they will face off in Plzen, playing against the Faroe Islands. On November 20, they will face Moldova in Olomouc.

Silhavy’s team is set to have a rematch with the white-red team on November 17. The first match in the group of these teams ended with the victory of the Czech Republic 3: 1.

In this half of the year, the team of our southern neighbors will play two matches. In qualifying for the European Championship, on June 17, he will face the Faroe Islands, and three days later he will play a sparring match, also on the territory of the opponents, with Montenegro.

The top two teams in the qualifying groups advance to the final tournament. The remaining three spots will be taken by the winners of the play-offs. The final Euro tournament will kick off on June 14, 2024 in Germany.


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