It is known what the minimum wage will be in 2024. Important information for 3 million Poles

– We want It’s next week a draft minimum wage in 2024 It went to the Standing Committee of the Cabinet, and on June 13 it could be presented at the Cabinet meeting, Marlena Mallig told Parliament.

The minister also announced In 2024, the indexation of minimum benefits will be twice – from January 1 and July 1. She said that Currently, about 3 million Poles receive the minimum wage in Poland.

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The minister indicated that when determining the benefit amount, the government takes into account both the expectations of the social aspect and employers.

Trade unions choose to have this minimum benefit as high as possible. In contrast, employers look in terms of investing in people and in terms of the costs they incur. Therefore, the decision on this issue must be responsible Malaj said.

“The minimum wage in July 2023 will be PLN 3,600”

The minister indicated that the decision on the minimum wage It mainly affects small and medium-sized businessesMost of them are in Poland.

As of January 1, the minimum wage for work has increased to PLN 3,490. This is the first increase in the minimum wage this year. The next one is scheduled for July. The benefits will then amount to PLN 3,600. In turn, the minimum hourly rates have increased from January 1, 2023 to PLN 22.80 per hour, and from July 1 they will amount to PLN 23.50 per hour.

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The law guarantees an annual increase in the amount of the minimum wage not less than the increase in the total prices of consumer goods and services expected for a given year. At the same time, if in the first quarter of the year in which the negotiations take place the minimum wage is less than half of the average wage in the national economy, this guarantee is additionally increased by 2/3 of the forecast real GDP growth rate.

Malej noted that the minimum wage in 2015 was PLN 1,750. – In 2023, after the July increase, it will be PLN 3,600. This is more than 100% increase in this benefit – the minister noted.

“The same pay in all EU countries is an impossible solution”

The minister also commented on the idea of ​​introducing a single minimum wage for all EU countries. According to the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, it is impossible to offer such a solution.

The economic situation of the European Union countries is different Malaga noticed. “That’s why I think each country should independently determine the amount of the minimum wage,” she added.

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– It is not possible for all EU countries to have an exact amount. Rules can be introduced to assess the adequacy of minimum wages related to economic development And inflation, but the same wage in all countries is an impossible solution, the minister explained.


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