Instead of explanations, the Minister simply “got up and left” the committee’s deliberations. “abandoned, not gone”

National Defense Minister Mariusz Pusacetak did not provide clarifications about the remnants of the missile that fell near Bydgoszcz at the joint meeting of the two parliamentary committees on Thursday. – Let’s not exaggerate, the matter has been clarified, – commented Law and Justice deputy Marek Kuczynski. – All that we know, as members of two committees, should be derived from the media, not from the Ministry of National Defense or from the officers, said Bowie Krutul, MP for the Left. – He deserted, did not leave, – added Marek Bernacki, a member of parliament for the Polish Alliance, when speaking about Puszatak. Left and KO prepared a motion to dismiss the minister.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Marius Blaszczak In a closed session of the Joint Parliamentary Committees (National Defense and Special Services) No explanations were given for the rocket that fell near Bydgoszcz. “The PO has announced that they will submit my resignation application before explanations are heard,” he said in a tweet regarding his decision not to provide explanations. Adam Zabka, a member of the Civic Coalition, reported after the meeting that the minister stated he “didn’t have time to talk and just got up and left.”

Kuchciński: It’s made clear, let’s not exaggerate

– Let’s not exaggerate, the matter is made clear, – commented the former Marshal of the House of Representatives W.N PiS MP Marek Kuczynski. – I don’t know what the reasons are (Minister Błaszczak’s exit from the meeting of the Joint Commission – Ed.), But the matter has been clarified and let’s not exaggerate it, – repeated the question Kuchciński.

Puschatak did not explain why the missile was fired. Kuchciński: It’s made clear, let’s not exaggerateTVN24

KRUTOL: As members of the committee, we must get all our knowledge from the media

– said the deputy on the left, Pawe Krutull, who participated in the rally, the session of the Parliamentary Committee with the participation of Mariusz Paccak. – We were in deep shock. He added that all that we know, as members of two committees, should be from the media, not from the Ministry of National Defense or from the officers.

KRUTOL: Minister Puszczak just left, we're shocked.  Bernacki: He didn't leave, he left

KRUTOL: Minister Puszczak just left, we’re shocked. Bernacki: He didn’t leave, he leftTVN24

Bernacki: He didn’t leave, he left

Marek Bernacki, MP for the Polish Alliance, member of the Parliamentary Committee for Special Services, also commented on the case. He left and did not leave. He had the formula ready. He said he clicked on something, read it in a broken voice, and left the panel without a word. “Maybe he had neither arguments nor materials,” he added.

Left and KO prepared a motion to dismiss the minister

The Civil Coalition and the Left Clubs prepared a motion of no-confidence against Minister Ba’achak, according to the statement of the heads of the two clubs. Boris Budka and Krzysztof Gawkowski.

– The dress has changed. Minister Błaszczak’s behavior yesterday, how he ran away from a committee meeting where he was supposed to give clarifications on what was happening in the Polish public space and the omissions of the Minister of National Defense, only confirmed our belief that the motion is a vote of mistrust in the Minister of National Defense and the Vice President of Ministers Mariusz Puschatak are essential.

According to the President of the KO Club, the Minister of Defense must have two basic qualities: honor and courage. – It turned out that Mariusz Puszczak, who attacked the Polish generals and lied about them, was a man without courage, who could not take responsibility for mistakes and simply got rid of him. And yesterday it turned out that he is a man without honor. He ran away from the House, said Boudka, and ran away from a committee meeting because he was afraid to face very uncomfortable questions.

He added that this is why members of the KO organization and the left jointly prepared a motion for Błaszczak’s dismissal. – We will show it to other opposition groups, hoping that the signatures of our friends from the opposition will be under this application. We hope that the House of Representatives will deal with this proposal soon – said the KO club president.

The President of the Left Club stated that “no one will feel safe in Poland as long as Mr. Błaszczak is the Minister of National Defence”. – Bargaining, deceit, misleading and lack of honor for the man who wants to manage Polish armyit is simply an insurmountable defect – Gawkowski added.

According to him, during Thursday’s meeting of the Defense Committee, the minister proved that “what he can do is escape from the battlefield.” “He would have escaped in the same way if the war had started,” Zhukovsky said.

Left and KO submit a motion to dismiss Minister Błaszczak

Left and KO submit a motion to dismiss Minister BłaszczakTVN24

He also said nothing NATO country It wasn’t like missing a missile that had come from an enemy country and not being found for months. – Minister Błaszczak is a disgrace to the soldier’s and officer’s uniform. Zhukowski said that as long as he was in command of the army, there would be more and more conflicts, there would be no cooperation, and the Polish army would claim to have a real president.

According to him, because Puschatak “blamed” his subordinates, “he is a laughing stock who cannot say: ‘I’m sorry’.”

Boris Budka told PAP that since the authors of the application relied on the signatures of representatives of other opposition clubs and circles, it was not certain that the application would be submitted on Friday. But he added that it will happen in the near future.

Rocket near Bydgoszcz

At the end of April, the Minister of Justice announced on Twitter that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had initiated proceedings regarding the remains of an aerial object found in a forest near Bydgoszcz. The Ministry of National Defense reports that the remains of an unidentified military facility have been found about 15 kilometers from Bydgoszcz.

On May 11, the head of the Ministry of National Defense stated that “the procedures and response mechanisms in the case of an object found near Bydgoszcz are working properly up to the level of the operational commander.” The operational commander of the armed forces’ types, General Tomasz Piotrowski, was accused of not informing him or the relevant services about the missile, which entered Polish airspace. According to the Minister, in the report of December 16, which he received from the COD, there was information that on that day “no violation or transit of the airspace of the Republic of Poland was recorded, which – as it turned out later – was incorrect.” He added that any personnel decisions would be taken after consultation with the President.

BBN stated a day later that the information at the president’s disposal “does not justify taking personal decisions” regarding the Polish Army’s High Command Staff.

No proposal was submitted to the President in this regard.

Main image source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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