In the complex of schools and kindergartens in the ul. An indoor sports stadium will be built on Porzeczkowa Street. Thanks to the support of the Olympia State Program

This is a long-awaited investment that fulfills the dreams of young people who are interested in sports, above all – said Senator Marius Gromko in front of the school and kindergarten complex in Mujahideen. Rawan. Here a covered stadium will be built thanks to support from the government’s Olimpia programme.

Program purpose “Olympia” It is to improve access to modern school sports infrastructure. Across the country, the Ministry of Sports has allocated PLN 730 million to the Olympia program for 360 gyms. Two types of tasks can be covered under the programme:

  • Construction of a new multi-functional stadium with stadium dimensions from 9m x 18m to 20m x 40m with a permanent structure roof;
  • roof construction With a permanent structure of the current multi-functional stadium with dimensions of the stadium from 9m x 18m to 20m x 40m.

In the Podlaskie Voivodeship, these facilities will be built in Klyusin, Šumwa, Sowaki, Jasionovka, Sokoczka, Wajósocki Mazowiecki, Sokoczka, Jebe, Benio, Podgorze, Stabin, Augustov and Cicanović.

The city of Bialystok has also applied for ministerial support. Received support for the construction of a covered sports ground at the school and Kindergarten Complex No. 4. The project, worth PLN 3.2 million, received funding of PLN 1.821 million. The city applied for co-financing of PLN 2.220 million

– This means that the facility can be used all year round, regardless of the weather, – said Senator Marius Gromko.

Voivode Thomas Madras added that the younger generation, compared to his own, has much better conditions for playing sports

– Students will be able to participate in a wide variety of sports disciplines – said Beata Falkowska, director of the facility.

The Ministry’s experts did not appreciate the second application of the Bialystok authorities: the construction of a table tennis hall in the agricultural school complex.

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