“I tried so hard and it’s all for nothing.” During the debate on the law on the full composition of the Constitutional Court, the Law and Justice Party was like medicine

The Law and Justice Party wants to reduce the legal number of full members of the Constitutional Court. The debate echoed well-known arguments – including those regarding the politicization of the Constitutional Court. The deputies of the United Right did not listen to them, because there were only a few of them.

The government benches are empty, only two deputies are on the side of the Law and Justice party, and none on the part of sovereign Poland. This is how Law and Justice defended his project to change the entire composition of the Constitutional Court. – For many months we have been in a quandary in the Constitutional Court. Marek Ast, chair of the Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Law and Justice Party, believes that a responsible legislator should have an answer to such problems.

The opposition claimed that even the takeover of the Constitutional Court did not succeed with the ruling party. – I tried so hard. I have broken the constitution more than once, choosing comrades, 15 minutes after midnight, to whom I have sworn an oath. and what? And it’s all for nothing – says Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz, PO MP. – They did not expect one thing, that there would be two gangs. Two groups are starting to fight each other – confirms Stanisław Tischka, Member of Parliament for the Federation.

Even the Law and Justice Party MPs had to admit that the Constitutional Court does not act and does not pass a ruling on the law to unblock funds for the KPO. – This is a creature. A political and legal creature from which the Law and Justice Party wants only one thing. Specific ruling, quoting the classic MP, MP Czymanski, in the Supreme Court case – convinces Krzysztof Omicek, MP of the New Left. On Tuesday’s panel, Rep. Simanski acknowledged what PiS politicians have been denying for weeks. He stated that the deadlock must be quickly broken and the Constitutional Court forced to issue a specific ruling. Kazimierz Smolensky, a member of parliament, was sitting next to the deputy, nodding his head impatiently. Today he confirms that he was tempted, but not in this case. – I do not agree with Deputy Cymański that we are expecting a verdict, because I was nodding my head at all in another case, but it does not matter – Smoliński assures.

Cimoszewicz: There is no constitutional court in Poland TVN24

opposition appeals

Almost the entire opposition called for the bill to be rejected, but PiS and Kukiz’15 introduced amendments, so the bill will now be returned to committee. Its entry into force also depended on how sovereign Poland would treat it. Zbigniew Ziobro’s deputies were “for” at the committee meeting, but did not promise whether they would act in the same way in the plenary hall. – We do not rule out any of the options, there are good and constructive talks going on at the moment – explains Marcin Warczew, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Sovereign State of Poland.

Zbigniew Ziobro’s soldiers are still awaiting an order, yet the deed is directed directly at the magistrates attached to Zbigniew Ziobro. The judges who refuse to prosecute and do not recognize Julia Brzebyska as president. The draft reduces the full bench to 9 judges, a number Julia Brzynbska can be sure of. We hear from the opposition: Why not three, not one? – three times P. Piotrowicz, Pawłowicz and Przyłębska. This is Jaroslav Kaczynski’s dream team when it comes to the Constitutional Court – argues Krzysztof Simicek.

The law has no chance of entering into force before the Constitutional Court session on the Supreme Court law – scheduled for next Wednesday. Does this date mean that Law and Justice succeeded in convincing the judges to attend the trial? In any such civilized country, you know when the judgment will come, but you do not know what the judgment will be. In the Court of Law and Justice Law, you do not know when the decision will be made, because it is likely that it will not be taken on May 31, but you know very well what the content of this decision will be – notes Camila Gasiuk-Behović.

– It’s not a whip. No matter what we do, court may not sit. He can make any decision, and this is obvious, – explains Kazimierz Smolensky. Nor does the prime minister see any whip.

PSL has a different idea of ​​how to unlock funds for a KPO. – The President of the Republic requested to withdraw the complaint he submitted to the Constitutional Court. Hence this vote is not needed today – explains Władysław Kosiniak Kamysz, PSL President.

Tadeusz Siemanski spoke about it

Tadeusz Szymanski spoke of “the court is compelled by law to issue a specific ruling”Pawel Płuska / Fakty TVN

Manual control

If we hear from constitutionalists that the Constitutional Court is manually controlled by the government, does the European Commission consider that the law on the Supreme Court, which is implemented by the manual control of the court, really meets the milestones and restores the rule of law. – Current actions will unlock KPO funds? That’s one problem. But if it does not turn out that the current situation will not deepen the accusations that are currently being brought against Poland, that is, related to the activities of the Constitutional Court, then it may turn out that we will be in an even worse situation. Before the adoption of this law – says Professor Marek Zubek, retired judge of the Constitutional Court.

It’s about PLN 150 billion. For energy, for nurseries, roads and hospitals.

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