How much is the KRUS nursing supplement in 2023 and who can get a higher pension thanks to it?

Retirement and disability benefits are structured in such a way that a retiree can, under certain circumstances, count on supplementation. One of them is supplement care. Do I have to apply to KRUS to receive it? Check out how much the care allowance is in 2023 and who can get this benefit.


Agricultural pensions from the beginning of March 2023 are Indexed under the new rulesAnd the lowest is PLN 1588 44g. However, the range of benefits related to old-age and disability pension is wider, and it is possible to take supplements, the most common of which is nursing.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law of 17 December 1998 on old-age and disability pensions from the Social Insurance Fund, a nursing allowance is paid to a person entitled to an old-age or disability pension if:

  • It was recognized as Completely unable to work and live independentlyAnd
  • or She is 75 years old.

If you are over the age of 75, the pensioner is automatically entitled to the benefit and does not have to apply for it. In other cases, the allowance is granted at the request of the pensioner submitted to the KRUS unit closest to the farmer’s place of residence.

Who is not entitled to care allowance? The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund explains:

A person who is entitled to an old-age or disability pension residing in an above-society social care home on the basis of a referral issued before January 1, 2004, in a nursing and treatment facility or in a nursing and care facility, is not entitled to receive the nursing supplement, unless he remains outside such facility for More than two weeks a month.

Thus, a care allowance may be granted to a person residing in a social care home other than a supra-municipal social home, to which he/she was referred before January 1, 2004, and regardless of the status of the social care home, if the person residing in that household was referred to him after December 31, 2003 p.

The care allowance rate is indexed, ie it increases every year on March 1 using the Old Age and Disability Pension Index. The care allowance as of March 1, 2023 is higher by less than PLN 38 and amounts to:

  • care supplement – 294 39 gr zlotys,
  • The care allowance for war disability is PLN 441.59

Average number of monthly benefits paid by KRUS in 2022:

  • care allowances upon reaching the age of 75 – 200777,
  • – care allowances for incapacity for work and independent living – 201,586,
  • Full orphan allowances – 7385.

When can a farmer retire? What is the applicable retirement age and how many years do I have to pay contributions in advance? How much is the pension paid by KRUS? We answer the most important retirement bonus questions.

What is the retirement age for farmers?

Farmer’s Old Age Pension is payable to the insured farmer and family member upon reaching retirement age, which as of October 1, 2017 is 60 years for women and 65 years for men.

For how many years do you have to pay KRUS contributions to receive a pension?

In addition to the retirement age, the second condition that must be met in order to retire from the KRUS is the time of payment of contributions. An old age pension may be granted to a person who has been subject to old age and disability insurance for a period At least 25 years old. The period of subjection to old-age and disability pension insurance is the period of farmers’ social insurance from January 1, 1991.

Is the pension paid “automatically”? Do I need to apply?

The pension is granted upon request. KRUS explains that, according to the Law of December 20, 1990 on Social Insurance for Farmers, the right to insurance benefits is created at the request of the person concerned or any other person who has a legal interest in establishing this right (eg by proxy).

Should a farmer stop farming to retire?

Not anymore. Cessation of agricultural activity is no longer a prerequisite for the payment of the supplementary part of the agricultural old-age pension. On June 15, 2022, the Law of April 28, 2022 amending the Farmers’ Social Insurance Law entered into force. Agricultural producers benefited The right to pay the farmer’s old-age pension in full without having to sell the farm.

Farmers can work and at the same time receive their agricultural pension, just as in the case of pensioners who receive benefits from the ZUS.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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