How is the position of women in the labor market changing?

According to the latest study, 68 percent. Polish women believe that the fair sex is in a better professional position than it was 10 years ago. This is influenced by both the adaptation of workplaces by companies to women’s abilities, and the departure from the traditional family model to a partnership, in which the role of the mother and father in raising children and fulfilling household duties is the same.

Access to the labor market

The fair sex still makes up the majority of the economically inactive population of working age. The most common reasons for this are learning and improving qualifications (17.5%). 13.1 percent of respondents indicated family responsibilities, and 7.6 percent. for health problems and disabilities.

However, Polish women increasingly want to take up work. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of professionally active women of working age (18-59) out of the total number of women reached 76.4% in the third quarter of 2022, and in the same period of 2021 it was 75.9%. percent

The number of Polish women working in typical male occupations is also increasing, which is confirmed by the Randstad data. For example, in the warehouse and logistics industry, which is associated with men, more than half of the employees (55 percent) are the fair sex. The proportion of women working in the alcohol and brewing industries is also increasing. Polish women are increasingly willing to work in sectors such as aviation, security and construction, where every fifth employee represents the fair sex.

– The process of achieving equal representation of women is especially visible in senior and engineering positions, that is, higher specialization – here women reach higher and higher and are not afraid to talk about their expectations, – says Anna Ender, Business Development Manager at LeasingTeam Group.

Polish women also positively evaluate the possibilities of development in the workplace. As much as 62 percent of the women surveyed declare that both sexes have equal opportunities for promotions and pay increases in their workplace, according to the study

Higher expectations

The challenge for Polish women is to reconcile a career with the role of a mother – more is required of women in this respect than men, and it is women who often have to choose between raising a child, professional development, and self-realization. For 83 percent women are the challenge. Interestingly, men also notice this problem – 66 percent. of men share women’s opinion on this subject.

Reconciling caring and professional roles is a difficult task. Especially for women, who in our culture are incomparably more responsible for the child. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 42 percent. Families in Poland have children. Of this, only 1 percent of fathers decided to take parental leave. Our previous research shows that eight out of 10 mothers believe that longer parental leave for their partners would help them share childcare more equitably, says Anna Hodinska, coordinator of the Outreach and Influencer Marketing team at Grupa Pracuj.

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